This Resonant often reveals itself in tricksters or misguided people. The users have often been wronged, abandoned, or grown up in a rough familial atmosphere.

Doppelgangers are noted for their jealousy and their immense need to “fix” the world around them- probably related to their hard times growing up.
The Doppelganger Resonant is the power to copy oneself multiple times in varying ways.  The copies can be solid, live and breathe, and essentially be a twin to the original Soul. They can also be a transfer of consciousness, where the original  meditates and the copy is then made in some other location to preform a specific action. Additionally the copies can be weak, have no free will of their own and simply be extra bodies.

The possibilities of the Doppelganger Resonant are near limitless, but in most cases the users have used the Resonant to achieve a selfish goal.
While Doppelgangers have a strong sense of justice, that justice is limited to themselves and their personal space. They rarely display empathy and seem unconcerned with others needs. Doppelgangers make great corporate leaders, dictators, and prosecutors.

When the Doppelganger is hosted in a woman, it is not uncommon for the host to make a copy of themselves and live with them, using the copy to help them with chores, work, and social life. It has been recorded that female copies can turn on their original host and sometimes kill them, producing an “evil twin” effect.

Male Dopplegangers tend to rely on themselves and limit the minds of their copies- preferring to use them to gain the upperhand in physical fights or intimidation factor.
It is no surprise that the kickback for the use of this Resonant is increased narcissism of the Host.

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