CC2 is the abbreviated version of Constant Chaotic 2: Rewrite.
In 2008, CC1 was created for fun in the Gaia Community Sniper Game Guild. You can read more on CC1 here.
In 2009, the entire story was reworked. And instead of trying to fix the first CC, the author decided to try again from the beginning. This is that story.
It started in May 2009, and updated every Monday and Thursday at noon Eastern Standard Time on this website. However, you can view the guild thread here.

CC2 was made for the members of the GCSG, but the author is now confident the story can standalone.


In the world of Gaia, people have Resonance Souls. These souls grant them special powers. But some of these powers are feared. The ones of most relevance are The Prophecies, which consist of The Phoenix and The Soul Stealer.
These Resonants are so strong that factions exist to try to stop them from destroying the world.

In a world that believes in prophecy, do you think you can change it?
The League has sent a Monte Criston to destroy The Phoenix, whose current reincarnation is in the country of Dexterity.
It’s a small girl.
And she’s your best friend.


CC2 concentrates on less characters than the first CC. CC1 had a problem with too many characters and a bunch of them being there for little to no reason at all. The current CC gets rid of that, however a majority of the old characters (and some new ones) do make cameos.

CC1 also concentrated on a lot of action happening right this instant with explanations happening later (hence the title: Constant Chaotic).
CC2 follows a more linear storyline. You find out about the characters as they’re being introduced. While this gets rids of some mystery elements the last story had, I do believe it’ll solve a lot more problems later.
But because of this, the story sort of has a “boring” start.
Lastly, CC1 gave the phoenix gang hardly any screen time.
In CC2 the phoenix gang plays a much larger role and you actually learn about these characters and care for them before things start happening to them.

Also minor geographical changes occurred. Mostly I just made areas much larger. Dexterity was just a city in the last story. Here it’s a country. Most of the old towns were turned into countries.






Resonant Philosophy