Decay Arm

A Rez that turns a user’s arm or arms into a mass of decay. Anything the arm(s) touch(es) will age at an accelerated rate, effectively causing any living thing to die on contact and nonliving things to be destroyed.

The penalty for using this Rez is that one second of use is roughly equal to one year of the user’s life lost. The user does not age externally- their internal organs take the hit.

The Decay Arm has been through several reincarnations, going through people of varying personalities and specialties. Decay Arms can be intelligent and responsible people or young pranksters and murderers.

Souls with this resonant often have a short fuse and are quick to become angry and lose their temper. They have often felt like they were used or abandoned in the past, and are prone to latch onto one or two people, swearing to protect them.

Decay Arms make excellent body guards and protective lovers. Be wary if a Decay Arm wishes to fight you in any respect– mental, physical, emotional or otherwise. They will likely win.

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