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37 – Agression (The forgotten chapter)

So it turns out I do have one last chapter pre-written. Fortenra decides that he’ll hide in Opal’s house. There, Opal’s on her deathbed, and proclaims that she used to love someone who didn’t know she existed. Really she’s talking of Hirun. Which is ironic as Hirun is suffering almost the same situation (Of being ignored) by the Tali.
However, this has nothing to do with Fortenra, who becomes upset and says “I’m sorry but your life before death epiphany doesn’t apply to me!” almost minutes before Opal dies.

It’s an interesting chapter to say the least, but ultimately it’s filler and I sort of don’t like it. It almost detracts from the actual story (just like “Red’s Deal” did, really, but that might actually come into play later) and I’m debating on just rewriting the whole thing.

Perhaps Fortenra will instead walk in on a dead Opal and become frustrated. Or we can spend more time on what Sim decided to do with Amigo (It’s only briefly mentioned in the original 37 as a cliffhanger ending).

Eh, it’s all difficult and up in the air. I just wish the few of you who actually read this would comment/say something.
You know you don’t have to have an account to comment? And all of the fields are optional. You don’t have to even put in a fake email! So what’s stopping you from leaving a comment, eh?

36 – Lies (Summary)

In this continuation from chapter 35(which takes place 3 years prior to the present), Edmond sits in Esvera’s home, waiting for Q to awaken from his unconsciousness. He’d already hidden the bodies, and he was debating just what to do with himself and the Soul Stealer. He didn’t want to kill Q– Q had done so much to prevent this, and Edmond found he just couldn’t punish Q for something he didn’t chose to have, and fought so hard to hide.

When Q finally awakes, he begins to cry, realizing what he had done to Esvera. So desperate as to begin to hurt himself, Edmond grabs the 22 year old Talvian and looks him straight in the eyes, ordering the Talvian to “Forget this, forget your rez, just forget it.” Almost immediately, Q seems to follow the order, asking where Esvera is.
Beginning to break down himself, Edmond says they won’t be seeing Esvera anymore and they were leaving, never to return.

35 – Esvera’s Death (Summary)

Three years prior to present day, in this chapter co-written by Cherry Ave, Esvera is teaching Q how to use a P90 Submachine gun when she realizes she can feel Q’s ki. Ending the lesson early, she calls Edmond to say that she believes Q’s negator is breaking, and she wishes to get a new one. Edmond agrees he’ll pay for it although he’s unhappy Q’s still dependent on it, leaving Esvera to call up a friend of her’s who can make the devices.

A few days later, Esvera’s friend, Tedie, comes to deliver the Negator personally. Tedie is another Seeker, and Esvera didn’t think she would come visit. In almost no time, Tedie senses the Soul Stealer and pinpoints it as Q. She doesn’t risk hesitation and begins to attack Q, despite Esvera’s efforts to protect him.
Just as the situation seems grim for both Q and Esvera, Q makes a last attempt to protect his surrogate mother. But something goes awry and he ends up stealing her soul, instead and killing her. Q passes out, and as Tedie plans to finish Q off in his unconsciousness, she is impaled by a rapier.

Edmond had arrived just in time to see that Q was the Soul Stealer. He drops the now-dead Tedie to the floor and places the new negator on Q’s neck, looking at the mess he’d just put himself in.

34 – Accident (Summary)

To try and pass time, Shoy asks Edmond if he brought Esvera along. Shoy remarks he can feel Esvera using her Tortoise Eye non-stop, and that she must think pretty highly of Edmond and Q to do such a thing. Edmond hesitantly reveals that Esvera died three years a go.
Shoy takes the information hard, and begins to beat up Edmond for allowing such a monster(Q) to murder his once-wife. Esvera had separated from Shoy when their son had been banished, and became close to Edmond while Shoy was away finding himself.
Edmond tries to explain that it was an accident- No one knew Q was the Soul Stealer at that point. It wasn’t murder, it was an accident– Q was even crying, Edmond proclaims.

Despite a bloody head injury from Shoy, Edmond gets up and attempts to walk back to his castle after what seemed like the brunt of the argument was over.

33 – Tortoise (Summary)

Hours later, Tali lays on Hirun’s shoulder in her new home. Just as it seems she’s finally accepted that Fortenra doesn’t love her anymore, she gets up and proclaims she’ll find out where Fortenra ran off to and get him back. Hirun becomes angered and tries to stop her, but she refuses and drives off as Hirun yells that Fortenra doesn’t love her.
Outraged that Tali doesn’t see that he adores her, he begins kicking the doorframe of the house. Just then, Q shows up. Hirun decides to take his anger out on Q instead of the house, but Q dodges Hirun’s attack and knocks him to the ground without a word.
Hirun realizes that this Q isn’t like the man he’d met before at the Music Store. Q seems to be lost in his own thoughts for a majority of the meeting, saying he can “see” Phoenix but he’s always too late to catch up with her. Hirun decides to play on this, and tells Q he can help Q find the Phoenix. Q states the No Rez is very smart, and reluctantly follows Hirun, who’s headed back for the slums.

32 – Comraderie (Summary)

Back at Sinico, Edmond and Shoy make smalltalk about Q. Shoy asks Edmond if he knows where Q might be. Edmond states he’s probably looking for the Phoenix or out trying to get music. This arouses curiosity in Shoy, but Edmond can’t explain the obsession other than the music helps “Calm Q down” and he didn’t know why.
Edmond then relents that Q’s becoming more distant from him. He used to be predictable, and now he won’t even tell the Count where the burn on his hand had come from.
Shoy mentions that his brother might trust Q too much, as there’s things the Talvian does that even he cannot control, despite having the Negator, but despite this, Edmond makes a great father. Edmond, realizing Shoy got this information by possessing Q, punches him in the face in retaliation. It’s implied Edmond has a moral objection to possessing others– especially Q, as “That sort of energy could’ve broken the negator”.

31 – Seekers (Summary)

Present day. Somewhere in the air over an implied other country, two seekers pinpoint the Soul Stealer’s location in Dexterity. These two seekers are Dani – a blue eyes, blonde haired innocent trying to prove she’s not useless afterall and will in fact make a good seeker, and the rebellious Meru Miharu, a brown and green haired seeker on Restriction, assigned to mentor Dani and find the Soul Stealer as some cruel joke.
This incarnation of the Soul Stealer, having gone under the radar for so long, was considered no real danger, hence why no seekers who were “more qualified” were on the job. Regardless, Dani is becomes extremely excited and turns the air ship around toward Dexterity, stating it will take at least a day to get there and that she wished there were a faster way. Meru sighs, orders Dani to dock the ship somewhere. There is an easier way…

30 – Burns (Summary)

In continuation from chapter 29(which was five years prior to present day), a panicked Hirun debates with himself. Trying to stand up for his friend and leader figure, Sim, he finds he is frozen and trapped in his mind, unable to do anything but watch the horror of what happens before him. Tali burns both Red and Sim. As this happens, Fortenra Askasa walks home from school. Seeing the horror, he doesn’t hesitate to rush in with his Resonance Soul – The Decay Arm – and turns Red to cinders and “wakes up” Tali from an implied hypnotic state. As the rest of Red’s gang forces Tali away into a car, Fortenra tries to take care of a severely burned Sim.
Both the boys are heavily damaged. Fortenra begins to cough up blood from his kickback and looks to a still-frozen Hirun, silently pleading for help. About that time, Buzz comes in with his mother, who has the power to heal. Buzz’s mother heals the boys and brings Hirun from his shocked state. When Hirun gains his bearings, he realizes Sim has disappeared, and asks Buzz’s mom where he went. She says not to worry and that everyone will be seeing her friend Nymphie, a “psychologist”. Little did the boys know that this psychologist would actually erase all of their memories of what had happened and Sim having ever been their gang leader. They would grow up without thinking they had met Tali or Red, as well.

29 – Red’s Deal (Summary)

Five years prior to present day, a thirteen year old Sim pushes a twelve year old Hirun Hikari to the ground. Prinz “Red” Heartlie, Tali’s older brother, has been trying to gain territory in the slums for weeks with his own gang. Distraught that Sim, leader of the “Rebellion” gang, wouldn’t give in to his bribes or fights, he proposes a “deal” to Sim. Red states that if Sim gives up his gang and/or his territory and never sees Tali again(Who Sim had been dating), that he would save Sim and his friends from seeing Tali’s resonance soul, which had awakened earlier that day.

So you guys are going to hate me…

I write all my updates ahead of time, and schedule them to post ahead of time. Guess what? I finally ran out of updates! Hahaha. I have to sit down and physically write more of CC2, which I honestly don’t see happening. But I’ll try to do.

It hurts me to go on hiatus, but it’s not like many people read this, so I wouldn’t be angering anyone, really. But hopefully I can do it all, and maybe have an update… It might be late but hopefully it will be within the week. D;

In the meantime, enjoy a very short short that has nothing to do with CC2:

“But I thought you said you didn’t believe in any ‘supernatural shit’,” the girl said as she placed her hands on her hips, whipping her long black hair over her shoulder with a swift head movement a ‘holier than thou’ attitude just could not achieve on its own.

“No, you misheard me,” replied the man, flicking the butt of his cigarette to the ground before shoving his hands in his pockets, pretending as if he had much better things to do than play reach-around with the drama queen before him. “I said I didn’t believe in your supernatural shit.”
He pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning against and began to walk away from her, tail idly swinging between his legs.

“It’s true, though!” the girl shouted back, her fingers gripping into her sides as if it would give her more ground to stand on. “I do!” she proclaimed, baring her own set of small fangs.
“I like girls!”

The man scoffed, looking back at her with an eye through his long locks of hair. “Yeah, too bad you can’t prove that.” He took a hand from his pocket and made a motion to shoo her away, as if she were nothing but a bothersome gnat. “Now go burn in the sun or something. I’m done here.”


Awakening is the term used to refer to the time when a Resonance Soul makes itself known to the host. People who have Resonance Souls do not always have them since birth. In fact, most do not know of their existence this early.

In most cases, a Resonance Soul appears to “awaken” during puberty, although developing one earlier or later is not too uncommon. The latest awakening recorded happened to a 28 year old, although there is no proof a Resonant cannot appear later.

The term “awakening” was coined by the fact that the host usually stumbles over this power accidentally, and is surprised by its use and/or their ability to control it. While using the Resonance Soul the first time it often feels like a weight has been lifted and there is a sense of freedom. However, once the kickback takes place, the host is “awakened” by the responsibility of having and/or utilizing this power. Kickbacks have also been known to be the strongest after the very first Resonance Soul use, resulting in many people being afraid of their power at first.


Kickback, sometimes referred to as knockback or rarely as an obeisance, is a penalty for using a Resonance Soul.
Many Resonance Souls have kickbacks are not normally seen or felt, while others can have enormous prices to pay. In rare cases, a Rez may have a kickback that is unknown, or there is assumed to be no kickback.

Some kickbacks are physical, others are mental or occur within the personality. An example of a physical kickback is a headache resulting from turning a piece of the body to stone while a mental kickback may be the loss of memories from regenerating flesh, or the increase in paranoia from the manipulation of soundwaves.


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Opal is a mysterious girl who looks both young and old at the same time. She lives in a broken down house in the slums of Dexterity by herself, sometimes visited by Hirun Hikari, who she affectionately calls “The No Rez”.
While her Resonance Soul, the Nosferatu Coil, is not technically the ability to heal, she uses it to aid healing in others, and as such has become a useful tool for Hirun.

28 – Experiment (Summary)

After Q stole Amigo’s soul, Sim made a copy of himself and charged the Talvian. Eerily knowing which of the two Sims was the doppelganger, Q subdues the copy and pushes the original away wit a surge of energy.
Q then places Amigo’s soul inside of Sim’s doppelganger, and asks Amigo(Who he calls “Atlaos”) if he can use his Rez.
Amigo is unable to answer, frustrating Q. Right as the doppelganger body begins to deteriorate, Q steals Amigo’s soul once more, for himself. While Sim looks on in horror, Q destroys his Negator(which is a microchip inside of his collar) and puts the collar back on his neck, using the Tortoise Eye’s shielding power to keep Sim at bay until he can leave.

Once Q’s gone, Sim runs to Amigo’s dead body and mourns for his father.

27 – Interruption (Summary)

Outside, Q walks on a sidewalk near to a street after running from Sinico and Kingsley.
He passes someone who wears sunglasses, and uncharacteristically attacks the man and steals them. It’s revealed Q is considered nocturnal, and his eyes are very sensitive to light. He then decides to take a break and sit on a bench, listening to people around him, as that’s how he gets most of his information- listening to passing by conversations.
He zones in on an argument between what ends up being Amigo and Sim.

Amigo is an assassin who works for Sinico, and he’s just gotten another target. Sim wants to know who it is, but Amigo refuses to tell him. Sim then argues that he wants to kill too. Amigo forbids it, and Sim rebukes that it is unfair everyone(including his surrogate father) can kill except him. At this point, Q gets up and walks toward them, interrupting their conversation.

Q calls Sim out and says he’ll help the boy kill the Phoenix. Amigo gets defensive and tells Q to get away from his son. Q quickly subdues Amigo, calling him “Atlaos” and absorbing his soul. Q tears his collar(and thus, his Negator) from his neck as Amigo’s lifeless body falls to the ground. Sim makes a copy of himself in anger.

26 – Brothers (Summary)

Kingsley/Shoy goes outside the Sinico building, collecting his thoughts. He believes Edmond will come looking for Q, and it was inevitable he meet his brother. Just as predicted, Edmond shows up and pieces everything together, instantly assuming Shoy has taken Q somewhere.

Shoy instead tries to relate to the brother he hadn’t seen in so long- noticing Edmond’s new rank of Count, and asking for a formal (Monte Criston) greeting. Edmond says Shoy doesn’t deserve the greeting, and demands to know where “his Talvian is”.
Shoy leads Edmond downstairs, only to discover that in Shoy’s confusion and anger from the situation with Q before that he’d left the cell door unlocked and Q had escaped. Shoy and Edmond get into a fight over it, each blaming the other for all of their problems, and each blaming the other that they only wanted to claim Q to get glory for killing The Soul Stealer and the Phoenix.

The argument ends with Shoy screaming that all Edmond ever did was use people, including him, implying that Edmond was really responsible for Shoy’s failure(the Phoenix assassination turning into Talvian genocide).

25 – Prisoner (Summary)

Hours later, Kingsley/Shoy paces outside Q’s cell. Q was given a salad to eat, and after finishing it, asks what “Shoy” wants with him. Kingsley, infuriated and confused that Q even knows that name, busts into the cell and demands Q tell him how he found out about his past.
Q refuses to reveal how until Kingsley shoves ki through him, revealing that he’s a ki master. After a yank of Q’s tail, Q finally tells Kingsley that while his mind was being searched, he could search through Kingsley’s- like a two way mirror. Kingsley argues that Possession doesn’t work like that, and Q rebukes that no one has ever possessed a Soul Stealer before.
Kingsley stabs Q with a plastic fork and walks out, refusing to believe he’s being intimidated by a twenty five year old.

24 – Kickback (Summary)

Back at Edmond’s castle, Edmond gets angry that he cannot get any computers to work, and thus cannot communicate with The League or any other countries. He’s confused as to how Dexterity can survive without even a simple phone, and remarks that he’s lucky to even have electricity.

After he kicks a few computers around, he gets an odd feeling that Q is in trouble and decides to go into town to find him.
At Sinico, Kingsley/Shoy is still possessing Q. He tells Mercain that Q’s memories have been altered, and he doesn’t know what Q’s first memory of his Rez is. He does find out that Edmond has been taking care of the boy, which seems to anger Shoy. Mercain states that Q must not be the Soul Stealer then, which Shoy vehemently disagrees with. In order to prove his point, Shoy, inside Q’s body, grabs Mercain’s hand and transforms a pen into a miniature gun- the manipulation of metal being Mercain’s Resonance Soul.

Mercain is finally convinced, but before they can decide what to do with Q, Shoy is forcefully ejected from Q’s body back into his own. Shoy commands Mercain to put the collar(which contains the Negator) back around Q’s neck. Once that is done, Shoy reveals that the Soul Stealer Resonant tried to absorb his own soul while he was still inside Q’s body, and believes the Resonant to be pure evil. They then decide to lock Q up in a prison cell for the time being, until they’re sure of what to do with him.

23 – Change (Summary)

Present day. Back in the slums, Tali finds Fortenra and Hirun. She reintroduces herself to the both of them, and Hirun remarks how it’s cool that she blew up half the city. Fortenra remains silent on the matter.
Tali gets excited and says she has a house, and urges Fortenra and Hirun into a car she has stolen to drive them to it. Once there, she starts showing it off, fruitlessly trying to get Fortenra involved.
It seems to have the opposite effect however, as Fortenra once again says he can’t take it anymore and leaves after being shown “their” bedroom.
Fortenra believes they should work for things, and do it all the “right way”. He doesn’t appreciate Tali taking things other people worked for. Tali says she’s changed and that’s why she did all this- she did it for him.
Fortenra says she hasn’t changed and this proves it.

Once Fortenra leaves, Hirun says she doesn’t need him and that he doesn’t understand her thought process.

22 – Yecht and Sven (Summary)

Twenty years ago, in Talvia, two members of the Jackal Tribe – Yecht and Sven- chase Q into the deep roots of a tree. As they chastise him for being different, Q becomes afraid for his life. The paternal jackal twins then bring up that Den Mother said Q would “Awaken” that day, and they wanted to see what Soul Q(then Quatre) had.

The pester Q to the point of panic, and when they each touch him(seeming to attack for real), Q uses his Resonance Soul for the very first time. A glow surrounds him and there is warmth felt- when one of the twins lets go of Q, the glow and warmth stop and Q passes out. Yecht and Sven find they have switched bodies– Yecht’s mind is in Sven’s body, and Sven’s mind is in Yecht’s body.

21 – Possessor (Summary)

Present day, back in the midst of Q and Kingsley/Shoy’s struggle, Mercain takes the sunglasses from Q.
After another scuffle between Kingsley and Q as the Talvian tries to escape the possessor’s(Kingsley’s) grasp, the former Monte Criston finally takes Q down and is able to look into his eyes and search his mind for where the younger man’s Negator is located.
After figuring out it’s in Q’s collar, the accessory is ripped off and Kingsley possesses Q.

Once Kingsley is inside Q’s body and mind, Mercain asks again if Q is the Soul Stealer. Kingsley tells Mercain to not be stupid, but the boss is still unamused and tells Kingsley to explain Q’s first memory of using his Resonance Soul to be sure.

20 – The Prophecy (Summary)

Fifteen years before present day, Shoy Dantes, Edmond’s older brother, sets out to kill the Phoenix in Talvia, with the help of a teenager named Eiki. The plan was to use Eiki’s Rez– the ability to make separate dimensions within a set of barriers– and encase the explosion of the Phoenix within those barriers. Doing this would eradicate the need to lure the Phoenix to a deserted area before killing her.

Eiki expresses that he’s not sure he can do it. Shoy takes it as typical rebellious teenager behavior, and tells Eiki to do it anyway. He fired the Incinerator(a specially made weapon for destroying the Phoenix) and Eiki puts up his barriers– but they fail, and the Phoenix’s explosion destroys half of Talvia. Eiki dies in the explosion, as Shoy is unable to save both himself and the boy in time.

Shoy is then tried in Monte Cristo for the attempted genocide of Talvians. His status and wealth is stripped, his wife leaves him, and his four year old son is banished from Monte Cristo– neither his wife nor he are allowed to know where.
Edmond inherits most of Shoy’s property, and Shoy decides to leave the country to search for himself.
He doesn’t believe in the same things that the Monte Cristions do- he believes that the Soul Stealer can save them by absorbing the Phoenix, whereas the Monte Cristons believe the Phoenix will take over the Soul Stealer and destroy the world.

After many failed attempts to convince others of his belief, Shoy changes his name to Kingsley and settles down in Dexterity. He gives up on the chance of finding his son, and becomes a school teacher, befriending Amigo and helping him adopt Sim.

19 – Negated Bluff (Summary)

Q is led into the Sinico building by Kingsley, where his hearing is assaulted. He, as well as all other Talvians, have sensitive hearing. Eventually he’s led to an office, where he meets someone named Mercain.
Kingsley quickly says Q is the Soul Stealer, which Mercain finds hard to believe and Q vehemently denies. Kingsley says that it’s easy to put two and two together– the last known origin of the Soul Stealer was near Talvia, Q was in his twenties, and the soul stealer disappeared about twenty years a go, and that Q had obviously been ejected from his tribe because of his looks and his Rez. There was no coincidence that’s why Q wore a Negator– which Kingsley also brings up as an “interesting” point(Dexterity doesn’t have this technology, and Mercain is interested in things that come from Cybil).

Mercain tells Kingsley to possess Q to prove to him that the Talvian is the Soul Stealer, and after a brief fight where Q tries to run away, Kingsley holds Q by the throat and demands to know where Q’s Negator is(It’s a chip that can be hid anywhere– a fact a Dexterian shouldn’t have known).
Q puts the gun he just bought to Kingsley’s side, pulling back the hammer when Kingsley demands Mercain take Q’s sunglasses off so he can possess Q(As Possession takes eye contact).
Mercain eyes Q’s gun and worriedly asks if Kingsley’s sure about that. Kingsley says there’s nothing to worry about because it has to be a bluff- there’s no way Q could’ve loaded the gun between now and the time he bought it without Kingsley noticing.

18 – Outsider (Summary)

Once in town, Q goes to buy two specialty weapons- a knife and a gun. Once he goes to pay for them, however, he realizes Dexterity uses a different set of currency than Monte Cristo. The shopkeeper accuses Q of attempted theft and draws a gun.
Q tries to handle the situation, but it only appears to escalate until Kingsley comes in, saying that he will pay for the weapons instead. Kingsley takes Q’s money and puts it in his wallet, giving the shopkeeper Dexterity’s own money. He then tells Q to follow him outside, where they can talk.

Kingsley asks states it’s dangerous to be here, as some people will kill outsiders. Q replies that the Heartlies are dead, so it doesn’t matter. Changing the subject, Kingsley introduces himself and asks Q what his “real” name is after Q simply says his name is “Q”. The Talvian reveals his name is actually Quatre, which is Talvian for “four”. He’s the fourth mixblood born in his tribe. He asks how Kingsley knows so much about Talvia, trying to get the conversation off of himself. Kingsley reveals he used to be “quite the traveler”. Their journey then stops in front of a large, ominous building known as Sinico, where Kingsley urges Q inside.

17 – Information (Summary)

Q gets back to Edmond’s castle late in the evening, only to be woken up at approximately 10AM by Edmond staring at him. Before he is able to explain himself, Edmond looks at Q straight in the eyes and asks to know what Q knows about the Phoenix. Q tells him that her name is Tali Heartlie, she used to live with someone named Fortenra Askasa, and she’s been wreaking havoc on the town after learning she can revive herself for the past few days. He also says the Phoenix Mafaia(Tali Heartlie’s parents) have been killed and the “Phoenix Gang” has taken their place, but he only knows two of the members’ names: Buzz and Ismaru.

Q then complains about the sun, asking Edmond “Why he would do that”. Edmond hands Q his sunglasses and replies that Q’s been acting very dodgy lately. They have a small argument reminiscent of a typical teenage rebellion, Edmond stating that Q doesn’t tell him enough and mysteriously disappears, and Q saying that Edmond just doesn’t trust him anymore.

Q’s words hurt Edmond, and he stops his assault, leaving Q once again to go into town(this time in “city clothes”). Edmond remarks that he can’t get any televisions to work, and Q says he’s seen a few computers lying around, and that Edmond should try getting an internet connection.

16 – Intimidation (Summary)

Hirun reaches zero, and Fortenra charges toward the man, who’s revealed to be Q. Fortenra uses his wires to attack Q, damaging the man’s hand and breaking a Seether CD in the process. The CD being broken angers Q considerably, and once he’s finally able to knock Fortenra out, he holds the boy under his foot.

Q intimidates Hirun by calling him “No Rez,” a name only Opal should know. Hirun tries to ask who Q is, but the Talvian only reveals that he’s a man who wishes to get his “music fix” and that he will not hurt anyone if left alone. He tells Hirun that any of his henchmen- Fortenra included- should lay off, or he won’t hesitate to take it a step further next time, and that he isn’t involved in their little gang wars.

Hirun agrees to leave Q alone as long as he lets Fortenra go. Q does so and leaves to go back to Edmond’s castle.

15 – Countdown (Summary)

Fortenra stayed with Hirun, who took two full days to heal. Hirun’s insides had been ruptured far worse than what was originally thought, and the “No Rez” was lucky to be alive. After Hirun recovers, he and Fortenra visit Insom, the “zombie” Fortenra had met before under the bridge. Her Resonance Soul is the ability to see everything that goes on in the city, and Hirun uses this to keep updated. Fortenra learns of everything that Tali has done, which makes him more angry with her. It’s revealed that Buzz and one of his companions, Ismaru, killed Tali’s parents(thus disbanding the Heartlie mafia) and formed their own gang. Hirun remarks “They’re outta my hair, finally”.
Despite Fortenra’s aggravations with Tali, he reveals that he does still love her– much to his own dismay.

After sunset, Hirun takes Fortenra to the Music Store, stating that there’s a guy he doesn’t like that comes there every night. He wants Fortenra to take care of it, utilizing the “favor” Fortenra owes him for getting his hands healed.
After some yelling, which the man doesn’t respond to, Hirun finally threatens him with death, stating that if he doesn’t leave by the time he counts down from ten, Fortenra will kill him.

14 – Smoke (Summary)

The next day, Fortenra wakes up late in the morning with healed hands. After being unable to find Opal, he leaves the house to look for Hirun. In his journey, he meets a girl who appears to be half-dead living under the bridge. She smells of rotting flesh and points Fortenra toward where Hirun might be.
Following her directions, Fortenra comes across Hirun in the midst of an argument with a boy named Buzz, who wishes to join the Phoenix’s cause, saying that she is a god. Hirun doesn’t care and refuses to “risk anyone” to go join her, and Buzz replies that Hirun never understands him or his choices.

Buzz and Hirun get into a physical fight, where it is revealed that Buz has the power of sound, and uses the waves to vibrate the earth and people’s bodies. Although Hirun ultimately wins the fight, Buzz injures him severely.

13 – The No Rez (Summary)

Back in the slums of Dexterity, Hirun and Fortenra arrive at what is alluded to be the healer’s house. Fortenra is slightly frightened of the place, but Hirun urges him to go inside. There, Opal is introduced– a quirky short cross between a woman and a girl who likes to play mind games.
Hirun convinces Opal to heal Fortenra’s hands. Grumpily, she agrees, stating that Fortenra will pass out during the process. Fortenra is frightened once more, but before he can second-guess this procedure, Opal touches him and he falls unconscious.

Leaving Opal to do her work, Hirun leaves for an abandoned house nicknamed The Music Store, as it has tons of CDs lying around it. Every night for the past week, a man with no ki or rez has been going there and picking up CDs unnoticed by the others in the neighborhood(because they all rely on their sixth sense, Hirun remarks). Hirun believes the man to be trouble, and watches him.

12 – Rebirth (Summary)

Back at Tali’s apartment, the girl wakes up to realize that Fortenra had not come back. She briefly thinks he has left her, but then convinces herself that this is impossible, since Fortenra loves her. She then thinks back to her death, how it felt to die, and what a waste her life had been. Remarking that she didn’t want to be worth nothing, she decides to burn the apartment complex down to show herself that she was ready to start over, and begin a new life- a life worth living.

After a brief fight with a man angry that Tali had killed his sister(As she had been in the complex when Tali burned it down), Tali goes on a five day trip, stealing all the things she needs for her new life- starting with a car. Throughout the day, people would kill Tali, and she would revive, naked. Every time she revived herself, the flames around her rebirth grew more intense, injuring more observers each time she rebirthed. Eventually, Tali also stole a fire resistant suit in order to come back to life clothed. As she was killed, the fear of death and pain would grow weaker, until it did not bother her to die at all.

In a few days time, Tali had to only show her face for others to do what she wanted them to. Others began to commit crimes in the name of the Phoenix. The actual Phoenix Gang, the Heartlies– Tali’s Mafia family– were taken care of and replaced with new devout followers of the new religion which worshiped The Phoenix as their lord and savior.

11 – Lost Soldier (Summary)

Present day. In the slums of Dexterity, Fortenra Askasa finds Hirun Hikari, a homeless childhood friend.
Hirun speaks of being betrayed by Fortnera, as they were both homeless at one time until Tali whisked him away. Fortenra says if Hirun helps him heal his hands, he’ll do whatever Hirun wants to make up for it, and that leaving was not his choice.
It is revealed that Hirun has no Resonance Soul, but is looked up to as a sort of leader regardless. On the other hand, Fortenera does have a Rez, but hates using his– his wires are actually implants he received thanks to one of Hirun’s street contacts.

10 – Suspicion (Summary)

Five years before present day. After a day of training with a sniper rifle, Esvera says Q is progressing very quickly. As they begin to pack up, Q asks Esvera if it bothers her that she knows how she’ll die.
Esvera says no, and that she thinks dying protecting another is something that is beautiful. She then brings up that there are a lot of people with very powerful Resonance Souls who are able to control them, and that Q should be no different. When she reaches for Q’s collar(which encases the Negator that keeps Q’s Rez and ki locked away) Q freaks out and reveals that his power “switches people”.

Esvera eases up, and they go to bed. Later, she finds that Q had fallen asleep while reading “Resonant Philosophy” but had underlined a specific chapter– The Soul Stealer. She realizes Q is in fact the Soul Stealer, and attempts to kill him in his sleep “for the good of the world” but cannot due to the fact that she has developed feelings for him maternally.

09 – Murder (Summary)

Sim goes back home to Amigo and admits that he murdered the Phoenix. Sim seems to be in a state of shock, however, as he only continues to state that he killed her and that she revived herself.
Amigo tries to convince Sim that killing is a big thing- it changes how people work, and that Sim should take a moment to recover and to talk it over. Sim says it doesn’t matter because Tali revived herself, then leaves to go to his room to be by himself.
Amigo once more questions his parenting skills, and relents that Kingsley is already in bed, unable to console him again.

08 – Broken Hands (Summary)

Present day. Fortenra is in the kitchen, relenting over his burned hands. Not knowing how to heal them, he believes he will be fired from his job and not be able to support Tali and himself. This quickly turns into hatred for Tali as the source of his problem as he reminisces about what their life used to be like.
“When they lived in her parents’ house it was nothing but love and affection.
As soon as they moved out, though, the game changed and suddenly he owed her everything and got no thanks for what he provided.”
When Tali wakes from her slumber, Fortenra states he can’t take it anymore and leaves the apartment, presumably to go back out onto the streets, which was where he had lived before Tali used her family to “claim” him as her boyfriend.

07 – Resonant Philosophy (Summary)

Ten years before present day, Esvera Rose teaches a growing Q about Resonance Souls and how they can reveal things about people’s personalities. She uses herself as an example, stating that as a Tortoise Eye, she’s destined to die helping others.
She gives Q a book entitled “Resonant Philosophy,” which details how personalities and Rez compliment eachother.
After thumbing through the book, Q reveals he’s afraid of his Resonance Soul, and that’s why he chooses to keep it hidden away with the use of a Negator (a device that restricts the use of both Rez and Ki) in a collar around his neck.
He then asks if he’s killing himself by keeping it hidden away for so long, since Esvera seems to believe the soul, Resonance soul, and ki are irrevocably linked. Esvera admits that she doesn’t know, because no one has kept a Negator on for as long as he has, but that a Resonant is nothing to be afraid of.

06 – Burning Phoenix (Summary)

Sim sneaks out of his room to go to Tali’s apartment– and kill her. He kicks down the door to Tali’s place and cuts her throat with a switchblade, only to be greeted by a flurry of Fortenra’s wires. Sim is pierced through the gut by this assault, and as he bleeds to death on the floor, he watches Tali struggle with her last breaths.
While Fortenra and Sim watch, Tali bursts into flames, only to reappear in front of them in perfect health, and naked. She had revived, just like a phoenix. In the process of doing so however, Fortenra’s hands were burned.

Sim melts into the floor, and it is revealed that the real Sim was waiting in front of Tali’s apartment and had only allowed a copy of himself inside. He still had seen everything that happened, and both angry and shocked by this series of events, turns to go back home.

05 – Parenthood (Summary)

Sim, or rather Simion, explains his fight with Tali to his adoptive father, Amigo after getting chastised for the use of violence. Becoming too upset with his father not seeming to see his side of things, Sim angrily goes into his room. Afterward, Amigo seems upset that he can’t seem to relate to his son. Kingsley, who lives with the two of them, consoles Amigo, stating “You taught him right,” in reference to something Sim said. Sim had stated he wanted to learn. Amigo is still unsure of himself.

04 – Frivolty (Summary)

Tali and Sim continue to fight, for hours. They manage to destroy part of the school. Later, Sim’s “father”, Amigo appears on the scene, telling the children that they are using their powers frivolously and should know better, as it took a lot of effort for the adults to get the school open to begin with.
It begins to rain, and Amigo takes Sim, leaving Tali to walk home by herself.

At Tali’s apartment, her boyfriend Fortenra Askasa comes home. He’s older than her and works at a restaurant owned by Tali’s parents, who are mafia. As they eat the leftovers Askasa brought back from the restaurant, Tali tells Foretenra about her day at school, vocalizing how horrible she thinks Sim is. Fortenra appears uninterested in her rambling.

03 – The Phoenix and the Doppelganger (Summary)

Present day, which is fifteen years after chapter two takes place, there is a classroom in Dexterity’s Sniper Academy that is interrupted by a girl named Tali Heartlie. The teacher of the class, Kingsley, tries to ignore the obnoxious singing girl until a boy, named Sim, intervenes. Sim and Tali get into a physical fight– Tali throwing fireballs and Sim copying himself.
After Kingsley’s failed attempt to interrupt the fight, the rest of the class runs away, leaving the teacher to also go home, as he believes the two of them need to settle things for themselves.

02 – The Talvian (Summary)

Ten years before present day, a young boy with a tail comes to Edmond Dantes’ home. It is later revealed that this boy is a Talvian– a human-animal hybrid race that tends to keep to themselves. The boy had been away from his tribe when the last Phoenix killed his family. He begs Edmond to help him kill the Phoenix, as he heard a rumor the Monte Criston trains soldiers to do so.
Edmond reluctantly obliges, stating the boy must be a servant first in order to work up to becoming a trained soldier.

01 – The Monte Criston (Summary)

Approximately two weeks prior to now, the Monte Cristons get word from the Seekers that the the Phoenix Soul has reincarnated in the country of Dexterity, a land filled with outlaws. Outraged that not one of the royal soldiers wishes to go take care of the matter, the lead speaker tries to bring pride back into the Monte Criston heritage– “It is our duty to save any country or city from the curse of the Phoenix!”

Finally, a man steps up– his name is Edmond Dantes. He agrees to go to Dexterity alone, unaided by his fellow people.