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Dexterity. A thriving metropolis. Its borders are adorned with walls. Broken down and riddled with decay, but walls nonetheless. Dexterity was the city in times past where the cruelest of the cruel were thrown and imprisoned. Since those times, the culture here has been different. Outsiders can come in, but they don’t often get out. Murders are an everyday occurrence and the Bill of Rights has a disclaimer. Standard law does not apply here, and the population is in the triple digits.

Schools have martial arts classes, and it is a live or let die environment for those who don’t learn fast enough. A strange phenomenon has begun in Dexterity, though these days is not unique to the city. Citizens have “Resonance Souls” or “Rez”. Not everyone is born with a Rez, but those who aren’t are often killed off quickly.

Rez are a special power resonating from the user’s soul. No two Rez are the same, as there are no duplicate souls. These powers of the Soul are not limited to a user’s bodily strength or mental capacity. A person could be a short, shy individual and possess a powerful Rez. Likewise, a skilled fighter can have a pathetic by comparison Rez. How pathetic or not a Rez is, however, is up to the beholder…

Plot Summary

The Plot summary was updated about every 2 chapter releases and is a nice refresher for people who need to be caught up quickly.

This is the current Plot Summary as of CC1 Chapter 17’s release.

Q is a sniper and has shot Tali in the head. Normally quick to revive herself like a pheonix, for some reason she hasn’t done so yet. Edmond and Q(who live together) have conspired to find a way to kill Tali for good. Sim and Q went to kidnap the unconscious girl(Tali), but Q was able to get her first.

Q went back to the castle with the girl. Opal came in and told Q how to kill Tali for good, and said not to trust Mercain.

Shoy and Edmond duked it out, but at the last moment Q shot Shoy. Edmond was heavily injured when Shoy left to go back to Rag-tag HQ.

Mercain finds out Q tore Opal from Aine, somehow. The reasonw hy nobody can feel Q is because he uses a limiter to hide his ki/disable his Rez.

However the limiter is breaking, as Edmond finds out from Q. Mercain goes to Edmond to find out why Q uses a limiter in the first place, doesn’t find out much and gets thrown out after threatening to kill Edmond.

The rest of the Phoenix gang is met by two Seekers, Teddy and Tootz, who’s job is to find the Soul Stealer and kill him befor emerging with the Phoenix. The Phoenix gang agrees to go with them to kill both Edmond and Q at the same time.

Insom tells the seekers a dire fate, and decide to wait to attack the monte cristo team until after the rain stops. Q attempts to merge without the pheonix unknowingly; Edmond locks Q up in a cave. Amigo has an amazing plan… Roy makes an Androgyne.

The rain has lasted for 2 days now.

Edmond lets Q out of the cave, Q attacks Edmond and runs away with Tali, meeting Amigo. Amigo and Shoy bring Q to their underground facility, where they trap him. Shoy possesses Q after taking off his Rez limiter. Things go down the shithole from there…

Chapter Archive

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Prequel (not directly related to the story, but inspired it)

Awakening (Chapters 1 – 17)

Misaligned (chapters 18 – 23)

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The original version of CC(CC1) was abandoned after chapter 23. The completely rewritten version which was started on May 13, 2009 (More than a year later) is called CC2: Rewrite.


The Gaian user wrote this story as a nod to another Sniper Story labeled Untitled sniper story 2, which was written by the Gaian user Zepia Eltnam Oberon, or Maggeh for short.

It started out as two simple chapters focusing on Q's avatar as a focal character being tortured. Q made made a thread to show off the writing but the writing simply stated Q was tortured, not why or when. Two days passed before Q came up with a second piece, which did not tell the reasonings for the torture, or the torturer, but it did lay down the foundation for the Q character we see in CC1. It is worthy to note that the Gaian user Merumiharu, who is not a character in CC1, rescued Q from the torture scene. Q also did not have the same Rez as he did in this original posting, which was later named "Prequel". Though it's also interesting to note that the second part was never officially released under the Prequel name.




Resonance Souls