Resonance Souls

Resonance Souls, sometimes referred to as Resonant Souls or Rez, are simply souls with an extra “power” attached to them.
The first Resonant Soul was birthed in Dexterity, though the entire world has Resonance Souls today. Not every soul is a Resonance Soul, and no one knows why the Resonance Souls came into being.

Powers a Resonance Soul can give the host can be as simple and useless as opening doors with the mind, or as complex and powerful as rewriting history. Psychics and people who could utilize telekinesis were considered historically primitive Resonance Souls.

Resonance Souls are scientifically unexplainable and unpredictable. They do not have to make sense, and usually don’t. No two resonance souls are the same, however, some can be so similar it is hard to tell the difference between them. For example, Controlling Electricity is different from controlling lightning.

Each Resonance Soul has it’s own drawbacks and limits. Stronger Resonance Souls usually have much worse drawbacks. For example, the Decay Arm will decrease the lifespan of its host when it is used, while the Jade Armor will only leave its host slightly tired.

Resonance Souls are not particularly characteristic of a “real” soul, and do not have the personality of the host. Sometimes a Resonance Soul is referred to as something completely separate from a person’s real soul. There is a debate if they are truly separate, but no one knows for sure.
Regardless of this, Resonance Souls usually do have patterns in the hosts they reincarnate into.