Monte Cristo(s)

Monte Cristo is a small city called home by the most skilled fighters in the content. It is famous for taking in people who either do not have Resonance souls, or those with “weak” Resonance Souls, and turning them into skilled warriors who can hold their own.

The Monte Cristos, as a population, are contracted to find and kill the Pheonix by The League. Several fighters each year die for the cause, since the Pheonix is so powerful. When word came that the Pheonix Soul had reincarnated in Dexterity, most Monte Cristos did not want to go. Edmond Dantes took the initiative and was the first to travel where very few would follow. Because of this, he was honored with the title of The Count of Monte Cristo, and is expected to take care of the Pheonix’s most current reincarnation.

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