37 – Agression (The forgotten chapter)

So it turns out I do have one last chapter pre-written. Fortenra decides that he’ll hide in Opal’s house. There, Opal’s on her deathbed, and proclaims that she used to love someone who didn’t know she existed. Really she’s talking of Hirun. Which is ironic as Hirun is suffering almost the same situation (Of being ignored) by the Tali.
However, this has nothing to do with Fortenra, who becomes upset and says “I’m sorry but your life before death epiphany doesn’t apply to me!” almost minutes before Opal dies.

It’s an interesting chapter to say the least, but ultimately it’s filler and I sort of don’t like it. It almost detracts from the actual story (just like “Red’s Deal” did, really, but that might actually come into play later) and I’m debating on just rewriting the whole thing.

Perhaps Fortenra will instead walk in on a dead Opal and become frustrated. Or we can spend more time on what Sim decided to do with Amigo (It’s only briefly mentioned in the original 37 as a cliffhanger ending).

Eh, it’s all difficult and up in the air. I just wish the few of you who actually read this would comment/say something.
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