36 – Lies (Summary)

In this continuation from chapter 35(which takes place 3 years prior to the present), Edmond sits in Esvera’s home, waiting for Q to awaken from his unconsciousness. He’d already hidden the bodies, and he was debating just what to do with himself and the Soul Stealer. He didn’t want to kill Q– Q had done so much to prevent this, and Edmond found he just couldn’t punish Q for something he didn’t chose to have, and fought so hard to hide.

When Q finally awakes, he begins to cry, realizing what he had done to Esvera. So desperate as to begin to hurt himself, Edmond grabs the 22 year old Talvian and looks him straight in the eyes, ordering the Talvian to “Forget this, forget your rez, just forget it.” Almost immediately, Q seems to follow the order, asking where Esvera is.
Beginning to break down himself, Edmond says they won’t be seeing Esvera anymore and they were leaving, never to return.

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