35 – Esvera’s Death (Summary)

Three years prior to present day, in this chapter co-written by Cherry Ave, Esvera is teaching Q how to use a P90 Submachine gun when she realizes she can feel Q’s ki. Ending the lesson early, she calls Edmond to say that she believes Q’s negator is breaking, and she wishes to get a new one. Edmond agrees he’ll pay for it although he’s unhappy Q’s still dependent on it, leaving Esvera to call up a friend of her’s who can make the devices.

A few days later, Esvera’s friend, Tedie, comes to deliver the Negator personally. Tedie is another Seeker, and Esvera didn’t think she would come visit. In almost no time, Tedie senses the Soul Stealer and pinpoints it as Q. She doesn’t risk hesitation and begins to attack Q, despite Esvera’s efforts to protect him.
Just as the situation seems grim for both Q and Esvera, Q makes a last attempt to protect his surrogate mother. But something goes awry and he ends up stealing her soul, instead and killing her. Q passes out, and as Tedie plans to finish Q off in his unconsciousness, she is impaled by a rapier.

Edmond had arrived just in time to see that Q was the Soul Stealer. He drops the now-dead Tedie to the floor and places the new negator on Q’s neck, looking at the mess he’d just put himself in.

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