34 – Accident (Summary)

To try and pass time, Shoy asks Edmond if he brought Esvera along. Shoy remarks he can feel Esvera using her Tortoise Eye non-stop, and that she must think pretty highly of Edmond and Q to do such a thing. Edmond hesitantly reveals that Esvera died three years a go.
Shoy takes the information hard, and begins to beat up Edmond for allowing such a monster(Q) to murder his once-wife. Esvera had separated from Shoy when their son had been banished, and became close to Edmond while Shoy was away finding himself.
Edmond tries to explain that it was an accident- No one knew Q was the Soul Stealer at that point. It wasn’t murder, it was an accident– Q was even crying, Edmond proclaims.

Despite a bloody head injury from Shoy, Edmond gets up and attempts to walk back to his castle after what seemed like the brunt of the argument was over.

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