33 – Tortoise (Summary)

Hours later, Tali lays on Hirun’s shoulder in her new home. Just as it seems she’s finally accepted that Fortenra doesn’t love her anymore, she gets up and proclaims she’ll find out where Fortenra ran off to and get him back. Hirun becomes angered and tries to stop her, but she refuses and drives off as Hirun yells that Fortenra doesn’t love her.
Outraged that Tali doesn’t see that he adores her, he begins kicking the doorframe of the house. Just then, Q shows up. Hirun decides to take his anger out on Q instead of the house, but Q dodges Hirun’s attack and knocks him to the ground without a word.
Hirun realizes that this Q isn’t like the man he’d met before at the Music Store. Q seems to be lost in his own thoughts for a majority of the meeting, saying he can “see” Phoenix but he’s always too late to catch up with her. Hirun decides to play on this, and tells Q he can help Q find the Phoenix. Q states the No Rez is very smart, and reluctantly follows Hirun, who’s headed back for the slums.

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