32 – Comraderie (Summary)

Back at Sinico, Edmond and Shoy make smalltalk about Q. Shoy asks Edmond if he knows where Q might be. Edmond states he’s probably looking for the Phoenix or out trying to get music. This arouses curiosity in Shoy, but Edmond can’t explain the obsession other than the music helps “Calm Q down” and he didn’t know why.
Edmond then relents that Q’s becoming more distant from him. He used to be predictable, and now he won’t even tell the Count where the burn on his hand had come from.
Shoy mentions that his brother might trust Q too much, as there’s things the Talvian does that even he cannot control, despite having the Negator, but despite this, Edmond makes a great father. Edmond, realizing Shoy got this information by possessing Q, punches him in the face in retaliation. It’s implied Edmond has a moral objection to possessing others– especially Q, as “That sort of energy could’ve broken the negator”.

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