31 – Seekers (Summary)

Present day. Somewhere in the air over an implied other country, two seekers pinpoint the Soul Stealer’s location in Dexterity. These two seekers are Dani – a blue eyes, blonde haired innocent trying to prove she’s not useless afterall and will in fact make a good seeker, and the rebellious Meru Miharu, a brown and green haired seeker on Restriction, assigned to mentor Dani and find the Soul Stealer as some cruel joke.
This incarnation of the Soul Stealer, having gone under the radar for so long, was considered no real danger, hence why no seekers who were “more qualified” were on the job. Regardless, Dani is becomes extremely excited and turns the air ship around toward Dexterity, stating it will take at least a day to get there and that she wished there were a faster way. Meru sighs, orders Dani to dock the ship somewhere. There is an easier way…

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