30 – Burns (Summary)

In continuation from chapter 29(which was five years prior to present day), a panicked Hirun debates with himself. Trying to stand up for his friend and leader figure, Sim, he finds he is frozen and trapped in his mind, unable to do anything but watch the horror of what happens before him. Tali burns both Red and Sim. As this happens, Fortenra Askasa walks home from school. Seeing the horror, he doesn’t hesitate to rush in with his Resonance Soul – The Decay Arm – and turns Red to cinders and “wakes up” Tali from an implied hypnotic state. As the rest of Red’s gang forces Tali away into a car, Fortenra tries to take care of a severely burned Sim.
Both the boys are heavily damaged. Fortenra begins to cough up blood from his kickback and looks to a still-frozen Hirun, silently pleading for help. About that time, Buzz comes in with his mother, who has the power to heal. Buzz’s mother heals the boys and brings Hirun from his shocked state. When Hirun gains his bearings, he realizes Sim has disappeared, and asks Buzz’s mom where he went. She says not to worry and that everyone will be seeing her friend Nymphie, a “psychologist”. Little did the boys know that this psychologist would actually erase all of their memories of what had happened and Sim having ever been their gang leader. They would grow up without thinking they had met Tali or Red, as well.

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