So you guys are going to hate me…

I write all my updates ahead of time, and schedule them to post ahead of time. Guess what? I finally ran out of updates! Hahaha. I have to sit down and physically write more of CC2, which I honestly don’t see happening. But I’ll try to do.

It hurts me to go on hiatus, but it’s not like many people read this, so I wouldn’t be angering anyone, really. But hopefully I can do it all, and maybe have an update… It might be late but hopefully it will be within the week. D;

In the meantime, enjoy a very short short that has nothing to do with CC2:

“But I thought you said you didn’t believe in any ‘supernatural shit’,” the girl said as she placed her hands on her hips, whipping her long black hair over her shoulder with a swift head movement a ‘holier than thou’ attitude just could not achieve on its own.

“No, you misheard me,” replied the man, flicking the butt of his cigarette to the ground before shoving his hands in his pockets, pretending as if he had much better things to do than play reach-around with the drama queen before him. “I said I didn’t believe in your supernatural shit.”
He pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning against and began to walk away from her, tail idly swinging between his legs.

“It’s true, though!” the girl shouted back, her fingers gripping into her sides as if it would give her more ground to stand on. “I do!” she proclaimed, baring her own set of small fangs.
“I like girls!”

The man scoffed, looking back at her with an eye through his long locks of hair. “Yeah, too bad you can’t prove that.” He took a hand from his pocket and made a motion to shoo her away, as if she were nothing but a bothersome gnat. “Now go burn in the sun or something. I’m done here.”

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