32 – Comraderie

Back at Sinico, Shoy ran a hand nervously through his hair.
“Where do you think he is?” he questioned his brother as they walked up the stairs.

The air was filled with a hint of still retreating malice. Each of them were still mad at the other, but they knew they had to work together to find the missing Talvian, lest they mess up more than they already had.

“He couldn’t have gone far. He’s either going back to my place or still out looking for the Phoenix.” He shrugged his shoulders. “I suppose he also could be in the slums looking for music.”

Shoy turned his head to watch the brother behind him, stopping his ascent up the stairs. “Looking for music?”

Edmond shrugged again, brushing past his brother in order to leave the building as quickly as possible. “I’m not sure why. He just seems addicted to listening to it. Especially when he sleeps.”

A look of confusion passed by Shoy’s face before catching up to his brother and exiting the Sinico complex. “That’s odd,” he finally replied.

“It helps him calm down, I guess. Sometimes he just acts really… Strung up. Maybe it’s because he’s Talvian. I don’t know,” Edmond explained. “Anyway, you’re a ki master, right? Can you sense the Soul Stealer’s powers?”

Shoy turned to his brother, twirling his umbrella in his left hand. “Edmond Dantes, don’t you think if I felt him I would’ve rushed my way over there?” he said with a smirk.

Edmond shook his head and rolled his eyes. “He has the Negator, so I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway,” he sighed. “He used to be so predictable before. Now, he just does whatever he feels like.”

It seemed like Edmond’s hopes of finding his adopted disciple were being crushed by every minute that passed by. “This morning I saw he had some sort of burn on his hand. He wouldn’t tell me about it.”

As they walked down the sidewalk, Edmond instinctually began to head toward his castle. The sun was setting, now. So were his hopes for catching Q. You couldn’t catch what didn’t want to be found- especially not in his case.

“A burn?” Shoy quirked a brow. “Do you think he found the Phoenix already?”

“No,” the brother replied. “I would’ve known. As childish as he is, I doubt he’d keep something that important from me.”

Shoy shook his head as he walked. “I think you place too much trust in him. There are things beyond his control that he does, even with the negator.”

The Count glared at his older brother. “Oh? And you suddenly know him better than I do after talking to him for five minutes?”

Shoy rolled his eyes. “I know that he’s scared of himself. He tries to hide it around you. You’re the world to him.” Shoy looked down at his feet, almost ashamed. “You are a great father.”

Edmond spun around, his last string pulled taut. “You bastard! You had no business possessing him! What gives you the right to go into people’s minds?! Especially his! That sort of energy could’ve killed the negator, and then what situation would we be in?!”

Shoy looked away, his cheek turning red from the punch Edmond just gave him.
It was all right, Shoy told himself.
He deserved it anyway.

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