31 – Seekers


“I got him!” Dani yelled as she rushed to the steering column of the ship, turning it around.
“Dexterity?” Meru tapped her right index finger against her cheek, expressing what appeared to be disinterest.

She sat cross-legged while the airship did a sharp turn through the clouds. As her cellphone tumbled across the deck from the tilt, she reached out with her free hand to catch it, checking for any missed calls or messages as she did.
“Why bother hiding in such a shit hole?”

“Who cares?!” Dani shouted back with a grin. “We finally got him! I can’t wait to see what he looks like or how many souls he’s stolen or–”

Meru cocked a brown eyebrow and looked to her fellow seeker-in-training. “What? Do you have a crush on the guy?”

“No!!” Dani gawked, putting the ship on autopilot and walking over to the rebellious Meru Miharu, a young woman with lime green streaks running through her brown hair. “I just think he’s really interesting, that’s all,” she huffed, fists on her hips.

“Right. Interesting,” Meru rolled her eyes and directed her attention to her phone. “It’s not like there haven’t been plenty of other false positives. I don’t think this one is any different.”

Meru was on restriction, technically. She’d not captured her last target, and as punishment, was assigned to find the Soul Stealer. Because of her restriction, she could not accept any side-assignments while searching for the infamous Resonant.
Dani, on the other hand, was an easily excitable girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wanted to be a seeker so much that the ki masters in Monte Cristo felt badly for her. Instead of discharging her, they assigned her to find the Soul Stealer with Meru.

Dani knew this, but she was thankful regardless and wanted to prove she was worthy of being a seeker. This particular incarnation of the Soul Stealer was considered lost and probably of no harm to the world, hence why better seekers weren’t assigned to the task. However, it was understood that if the Soul Stealer were to show itself any seeker could and should capture or kill it. It was the greatest honor to extinguish the soul stealer. Dani had her hopes high- Meru, on the other hand, was apathetic and just wanted out.

The only reason the restricted seeker had not already gone MIA was because in some small part of her heart, she did not want to leave Dani alone in the big bad world. She wanted to bring back the Soul Stealer and prove she wasn’t a complete failure. Maybe. She wasn’t sure is she cared that much or not. At least Dani was excited about it.

“So we’ll get there in a day or so,” Dani stated excitedly, trying to ignore Meru’s pessimism. “Wish there was some way to get there faster…” she later relented.

Meru looked to her phone once more, then to the wall, and let out a disgruntled sigh. “There is. Just dock the ship somewhere it won’t get stolen.”

“Nearest port?”

“Yeah,” Meru sighed again. She almost didn’t want to do this.
She liked being lazy.

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