30 – Burns

Hirun couldn’t just sit back and watch Sim anymore. He had to do something. But as much as he tried to move, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do it when Tali said she was sorry, even though there was nothing to apologize for. He couldn’t do it when Red stepped to the side to let Tali get closer to Sim.
When the air began to heat up around all of them, or when Sim seemed to realize what was happening and went to punch Red.

Hirun couldn’t move when Red slammed Sim’s hand away with his cane, or when he ordered Tali to “Do it.” When Tali’s hair flew up and there was fire everywhere, or when Sim and Red screamed in unison.

Hirun didn’t even realize he was still breathing when Fortenra walked in on this, having just come back from the new public school. Didn’t even move his eyes when his best friend dropped his backpack and rushed into the flames, his left arm turning black from his resonance soul.

Hirun still couldn’t move when Fortenra touched Prinz with the Decay Arm, turning the teen into a pile of cinders, or when Tali realized what she was doing and the flames finally stopped.
He couldn’t help when Sim lay on the ground in obvious agony with burns all over his body. When Fortenra’s arm went normal and he tried to wrap up Sim with his shirt, even though the boy had begun to cough up blood from his Rez’s kickback while he was doing this.

Hirun could only look on in shock as Tali cried at what she had done, and when she was carried away by Red’s entourage back to the car, screaming about killing her brother.
When Fortenra gave the most pitiful look to Hirun, pleading for him to do something to help their leader, their role model, Hirun just stood there, daft and dumb.

It was Buzz who came with his mother that changed everything. Buzz’s mom was a healer. She made the wounds on Sim melt away, and she made Fortenra stop coughing up blood.
She turned to Hirun, and when she touched his shoulder, he flinched.
He blinked.
He looked up at her comforting face and her long black hair.
Then he hugged her while he cried.

Hirun was hopeless. Hirun had frozen up and nearly lost his two best friends. And later, Hirun would make a promise to himself that it would never happen again. He made a vow to never freeze up.
He wouldn’t be the weak one.
He’d be the new leader.
But by the time Buzz’s mother pulled away from their embrace, Simion had disappeared. He asked where she had taken him, and the mother only patted him on the head and gave a comforting smile.

“I’m going to take you to a friend of mine’s,” she had said. “Her name is Nymphie. She’ll make this day a bit better for you all.”

She took them to a car, and to a house. And soon, Hirun, Fortenra, and Buzz would all forget about Sim and Red. Soon, they would all believe they’d grown up without them, and they’d never met Tali.
They would never realize that Nymphie was not a normal psychologist when she rewrote the memories while the boys recounted them.
They’d never realize a piece of history would literally be erased from their minds.

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