Awakening is the term used to refer to the time when a Resonance Soul makes itself known to the host. People who have Resonance Souls do not always have them since birth. In fact, most do not know of their existence this early.

In most cases, a Resonance Soul appears to “awaken” during puberty, although developing one earlier or later is not too uncommon. The latest awakening recorded happened to a 28 year old, although there is no proof a Resonant cannot appear later.

The term “awakening” was coined by the fact that the host usually stumbles over this power accidentally, and is surprised by its use and/or their ability to control it. While using the Resonance Soul the first time it often feels like a weight has been lifted and there is a sense of freedom. However, once the kickback takes place, the host is “awakened” by the responsibility of having and/or utilizing this power. Kickbacks have also been known to be the strongest after the very first Resonance Soul use, resulting in many people being afraid of their power at first.

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