The city the story takes place in. It is constantly in ruin. In the beginning, all of the world’s worst criminals were tossed into this place, and were held back with a high wall. Since then things got a bit more civilized, though not by much. The walls are worn down and the laws of the area are very vague. Crime is at its height, and all residents are trained in at least some martial art. Murders occur daily, and only the strong survive.
The first Resonant Soul came from Dexterity.

The city itself is technologically behind the times. It does not hold well for inventions since too many people are killed off daily to regulate their use. Because of this, the outside worlds consider Dexterity another world, not unlike Hell, that people should stay away from.  Common terms and devices that were not in use before the introduction of Resonance souls are completely unknown in the city.

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