28 – Experiment (Summary)

After Q stole Amigo’s soul, Sim made a copy of himself and charged the Talvian. Eerily knowing which of the two Sims was the doppelganger, Q subdues the copy and pushes the original away wit a surge of energy.
Q then places Amigo’s soul inside of Sim’s doppelganger, and asks Amigo(Who he calls “Atlaos”) if he can use his Rez.
Amigo is unable to answer, frustrating Q. Right as the doppelganger body begins to deteriorate, Q steals Amigo’s soul once more, for himself. While Sim looks on in horror, Q destroys his Negator(which is a microchip inside of his collar) and puts the collar back on his neck, using the Tortoise Eye’s shielding power to keep Sim at bay until he can leave.

Once Q’s gone, Sim runs to Amigo’s dead body and mourns for his father.

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