27 – Interruption (Summary)

Outside, Q walks on a sidewalk near to a street after running from Sinico and Kingsley.
He passes someone who wears sunglasses, and uncharacteristically attacks the man and steals them. It’s revealed Q is considered nocturnal, and his eyes are very sensitive to light. He then decides to take a break and sit on a bench, listening to people around him, as that’s how he gets most of his information- listening to passing by conversations.
He zones in on an argument between what ends up being Amigo and Sim.

Amigo is an assassin who works for Sinico, and he’s just gotten another target. Sim wants to know who it is, but Amigo refuses to tell him. Sim then argues that he wants to kill too. Amigo forbids it, and Sim rebukes that it is unfair everyone(including his surrogate father) can kill except him. At this point, Q gets up and walks toward them, interrupting their conversation.

Q calls Sim out and says he’ll help the boy kill the Phoenix. Amigo gets defensive and tells Q to get away from his son. Q quickly subdues Amigo, calling him “Atlaos” and absorbing his soul. Q tears his collar(and thus, his Negator) from his neck as Amigo’s lifeless body falls to the ground. Sim makes a copy of himself in anger.

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