26 – Brothers (Summary)

Kingsley/Shoy goes outside the Sinico building, collecting his thoughts. He believes Edmond will come looking for Q, and it was inevitable he meet his brother. Just as predicted, Edmond shows up and pieces everything together, instantly assuming Shoy has taken Q somewhere.

Shoy instead tries to relate to the brother he hadn’t seen in so long- noticing Edmond’s new rank of Count, and asking for a formal (Monte Criston) greeting. Edmond says Shoy doesn’t deserve the greeting, and demands to know where “his Talvian is”.
Shoy leads Edmond downstairs, only to discover that in Shoy’s confusion and anger from the situation with Q before that he’d left the cell door unlocked and Q had escaped. Shoy and Edmond get into a fight over it, each blaming the other for all of their problems, and each blaming the other that they only wanted to claim Q to get glory for killing The Soul Stealer and the Phoenix.

The argument ends with Shoy screaming that all Edmond ever did was use people, including him, implying that Edmond was really responsible for Shoy’s failure(the Phoenix assassination turning into Talvian genocide).

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