25 – Prisoner (Summary)

Hours later, Kingsley/Shoy paces outside Q’s cell. Q was given a salad to eat, and after finishing it, asks what “Shoy” wants with him. Kingsley, infuriated and confused that Q even knows that name, busts into the cell and demands Q tell him how he found out about his past.
Q refuses to reveal how until Kingsley shoves ki through him, revealing that he’s a ki master. After a yank of Q’s tail, Q finally tells Kingsley that while his mind was being searched, he could search through Kingsley’s- like a two way mirror. Kingsley argues that Possession doesn’t work like that, and Q rebukes that no one has ever possessed a Soul Stealer before.
Kingsley stabs Q with a plastic fork and walks out, refusing to believe he’s being intimidated by a twenty five year old.

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