24 – Kickback (Summary)

Back at Edmond’s castle, Edmond gets angry that he cannot get any computers to work, and thus cannot communicate with The League or any other countries. He’s confused as to how Dexterity can survive without even a simple phone, and remarks that he’s lucky to even have electricity.

After he kicks a few computers around, he gets an odd feeling that Q is in trouble and decides to go into town to find him.
At Sinico, Kingsley/Shoy is still possessing Q. He tells Mercain that Q’s memories have been altered, and he doesn’t know what Q’s first memory of his Rez is. He does find out that Edmond has been taking care of the boy, which seems to anger Shoy. Mercain states that Q must not be the Soul Stealer then, which Shoy vehemently disagrees with. In order to prove his point, Shoy, inside Q’s body, grabs Mercain’s hand and transforms a pen into a miniature gun- the manipulation of metal being Mercain’s Resonance Soul.

Mercain is finally convinced, but before they can decide what to do with Q, Shoy is forcefully ejected from Q’s body back into his own. Shoy commands Mercain to put the collar(which contains the Negator) back around Q’s neck. Once that is done, Shoy reveals that the Soul Stealer Resonant tried to absorb his own soul while he was still inside Q’s body, and believes the Resonant to be pure evil. They then decide to lock Q up in a prison cell for the time being, until they’re sure of what to do with him.

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