23 – Change (Summary)

Present day. Back in the slums, Tali finds Fortenra and Hirun. She reintroduces herself to the both of them, and Hirun remarks how it’s cool that she blew up half the city. Fortenra remains silent on the matter.
Tali gets excited and says she has a house, and urges Fortenra and Hirun into a car she has stolen to drive them to it. Once there, she starts showing it off, fruitlessly trying to get Fortenra involved.
It seems to have the opposite effect however, as Fortenra once again says he can’t take it anymore and leaves after being shown “their” bedroom.
Fortenra believes they should work for things, and do it all the “right way”. He doesn’t appreciate Tali taking things other people worked for. Tali says she’s changed and that’s why she did all this- she did it for him.
Fortenra says she hasn’t changed and this proves it.

Once Fortenra leaves, Hirun says she doesn’t need him and that he doesn’t understand her thought process.

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