22 – Yecht and Sven (Summary)

Twenty years ago, in Talvia, two members of the Jackal Tribe – Yecht and Sven- chase Q into the deep roots of a tree. As they chastise him for being different, Q becomes afraid for his life. The paternal jackal twins then bring up that Den Mother said Q would “Awaken” that day, and they wanted to see what Soul Q(then Quatre) had.

The pester Q to the point of panic, and when they each touch him(seeming to attack for real), Q uses his Resonance Soul for the very first time. A glow surrounds him and there is warmth felt- when one of the twins lets go of Q, the glow and warmth stop and Q passes out. Yecht and Sven find they have switched bodies– Yecht’s mind is in Sven’s body, and Sven’s mind is in Yecht’s body.

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