21 – Possessor (Summary)

Present day, back in the midst of Q and Kingsley/Shoy’s struggle, Mercain takes the sunglasses from Q.
After another scuffle between Kingsley and Q as the Talvian tries to escape the possessor’s(Kingsley’s) grasp, the former Monte Criston finally takes Q down and is able to look into his eyes and search his mind for where the younger man’s Negator is located.
After figuring out it’s in Q’s collar, the accessory is ripped off and Kingsley possesses Q.

Once Kingsley is inside Q’s body and mind, Mercain asks again if Q is the Soul Stealer. Kingsley tells Mercain to not be stupid, but the boss is still unamused and tells Kingsley to explain Q’s first memory of using his Resonance Soul to be sure.

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