20 – The Prophecy (Summary)

Fifteen years before present day, Shoy Dantes, Edmond’s older brother, sets out to kill the Phoenix in Talvia, with the help of a teenager named Eiki. The plan was to use Eiki’s Rez– the ability to make separate dimensions within a set of barriers– and encase the explosion of the Phoenix within those barriers. Doing this would eradicate the need to lure the Phoenix to a deserted area before killing her.

Eiki expresses that he’s not sure he can do it. Shoy takes it as typical rebellious teenager behavior, and tells Eiki to do it anyway. He fired the Incinerator(a specially made weapon for destroying the Phoenix) and Eiki puts up his barriers– but they fail, and the Phoenix’s explosion destroys half of Talvia. Eiki dies in the explosion, as Shoy is unable to save both himself and the boy in time.

Shoy is then tried in Monte Cristo for the attempted genocide of Talvians. His status and wealth is stripped, his wife leaves him, and his four year old son is banished from Monte Cristo– neither his wife nor he are allowed to know where.
Edmond inherits most of Shoy’s property, and Shoy decides to leave the country to search for himself.
He doesn’t believe in the same things that the Monte Cristions do- he believes that the Soul Stealer can save them by absorbing the Phoenix, whereas the Monte Cristons believe the Phoenix will take over the Soul Stealer and destroy the world.

After many failed attempts to convince others of his belief, Shoy changes his name to Kingsley and settles down in Dexterity. He gives up on the chance of finding his son, and becomes a school teacher, befriending Amigo and helping him adopt Sim.

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