19 – Negated Bluff (Summary)

Q is led into the Sinico building by Kingsley, where his hearing is assaulted. He, as well as all other Talvians, have sensitive hearing. Eventually he’s led to an office, where he meets someone named Mercain.
Kingsley quickly says Q is the Soul Stealer, which Mercain finds hard to believe and Q vehemently denies. Kingsley says that it’s easy to put two and two together– the last known origin of the Soul Stealer was near Talvia, Q was in his twenties, and the soul stealer disappeared about twenty years a go, and that Q had obviously been ejected from his tribe because of his looks and his Rez. There was no coincidence that’s why Q wore a Negator– which Kingsley also brings up as an “interesting” point(Dexterity doesn’t have this technology, and Mercain is interested in things that come from Cybil).

Mercain tells Kingsley to possess Q to prove to him that the Talvian is the Soul Stealer, and after a brief fight where Q tries to run away, Kingsley holds Q by the throat and demands to know where Q’s Negator is(It’s a chip that can be hid anywhere– a fact a Dexterian shouldn’t have known).
Q puts the gun he just bought to Kingsley’s side, pulling back the hammer when Kingsley demands Mercain take Q’s sunglasses off so he can possess Q(As Possession takes eye contact).
Mercain eyes Q’s gun and worriedly asks if Kingsley’s sure about that. Kingsley says there’s nothing to worry about because it has to be a bluff- there’s no way Q could’ve loaded the gun between now and the time he bought it without Kingsley noticing.

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