18 – Outsider (Summary)

Once in town, Q goes to buy two specialty weapons- a knife and a gun. Once he goes to pay for them, however, he realizes Dexterity uses a different set of currency than Monte Cristo. The shopkeeper accuses Q of attempted theft and draws a gun.
Q tries to handle the situation, but it only appears to escalate until Kingsley comes in, saying that he will pay for the weapons instead. Kingsley takes Q’s money and puts it in his wallet, giving the shopkeeper Dexterity’s own money. He then tells Q to follow him outside, where they can talk.

Kingsley asks states it’s dangerous to be here, as some people will kill outsiders. Q replies that the Heartlies are dead, so it doesn’t matter. Changing the subject, Kingsley introduces himself and asks Q what his “real” name is after Q simply says his name is “Q”. The Talvian reveals his name is actually Quatre, which is Talvian for “four”. He’s the fourth mixblood born in his tribe. He asks how Kingsley knows so much about Talvia, trying to get the conversation off of himself. Kingsley reveals he used to be “quite the traveler”. Their journey then stops in front of a large, ominous building known as Sinico, where Kingsley urges Q inside.

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