17 – Information (Summary)

Q gets back to Edmond’s castle late in the evening, only to be woken up at approximately 10AM by Edmond staring at him. Before he is able to explain himself, Edmond looks at Q straight in the eyes and asks to know what Q knows about the Phoenix. Q tells him that her name is Tali Heartlie, she used to live with someone named Fortenra Askasa, and she’s been wreaking havoc on the town after learning she can revive herself for the past few days. He also says the Phoenix Mafaia(Tali Heartlie’s parents) have been killed and the “Phoenix Gang” has taken their place, but he only knows two of the members’ names: Buzz and Ismaru.

Q then complains about the sun, asking Edmond “Why he would do that”. Edmond hands Q his sunglasses and replies that Q’s been acting very dodgy lately. They have a small argument reminiscent of a typical teenage rebellion, Edmond stating that Q doesn’t tell him enough and mysteriously disappears, and Q saying that Edmond just doesn’t trust him anymore.

Q’s words hurt Edmond, and he stops his assault, leaving Q once again to go into town(this time in “city clothes”). Edmond remarks that he can’t get any televisions to work, and Q says he’s seen a few computers lying around, and that Edmond should try getting an internet connection.

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