16 – Intimidation (Summary)

Hirun reaches zero, and Fortenra charges toward the man, who’s revealed to be Q. Fortenra uses his wires to attack Q, damaging the man’s hand and breaking a Seether CD in the process. The CD being broken angers Q considerably, and once he’s finally able to knock Fortenra out, he holds the boy under his foot.

Q intimidates Hirun by calling him “No Rez,” a name only Opal should know. Hirun tries to ask who Q is, but the Talvian only reveals that he’s a man who wishes to get his “music fix” and that he will not hurt anyone if left alone. He tells Hirun that any of his henchmen- Fortenra included- should lay off, or he won’t hesitate to take it a step further next time, and that he isn’t involved in their little gang wars.

Hirun agrees to leave Q alone as long as he lets Fortenra go. Q does so and leaves to go back to Edmond’s castle.

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