15 – Countdown (Summary)

Fortenra stayed with Hirun, who took two full days to heal. Hirun’s insides had been ruptured far worse than what was originally thought, and the “No Rez” was lucky to be alive. After Hirun recovers, he and Fortenra visit Insom, the “zombie” Fortenra had met before under the bridge. Her Resonance Soul is the ability to see everything that goes on in the city, and Hirun uses this to keep updated. Fortenra learns of everything that Tali has done, which makes him more angry with her. It’s revealed that Buzz and one of his companions, Ismaru, killed Tali’s parents(thus disbanding the Heartlie mafia) and formed their own gang. Hirun remarks “They’re outta my hair, finally”.
Despite Fortenra’s aggravations with Tali, he reveals that he does still love her– much to his own dismay.

After sunset, Hirun takes Fortenra to the Music Store, stating that there’s a guy he doesn’t like that comes there every night. He wants Fortenra to take care of it, utilizing the “favor” Fortenra owes him for getting his hands healed.
After some yelling, which the man doesn’t respond to, Hirun finally threatens him with death, stating that if he doesn’t leave by the time he counts down from ten, Fortenra will kill him.

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