14 – Smoke (Summary)

The next day, Fortenra wakes up late in the morning with healed hands. After being unable to find Opal, he leaves the house to look for Hirun. In his journey, he meets a girl who appears to be half-dead living under the bridge. She smells of rotting flesh and points Fortenra toward where Hirun might be.
Following her directions, Fortenra comes across Hirun in the midst of an argument with a boy named Buzz, who wishes to join the Phoenix’s cause, saying that she is a god. Hirun doesn’t care and refuses to “risk anyone” to go join her, and Buzz replies that Hirun never understands him or his choices.

Buzz and Hirun get into a physical fight, where it is revealed that Buz has the power of sound, and uses the waves to vibrate the earth and people’s bodies. Although Hirun ultimately wins the fight, Buzz injures him severely.

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