13 – The No Rez (Summary)

Back in the slums of Dexterity, Hirun and Fortenra arrive at what is alluded to be the healer’s house. Fortenra is slightly frightened of the place, but Hirun urges him to go inside. There, Opal is introduced– a quirky short cross between a woman and a girl who likes to play mind games.
Hirun convinces Opal to heal Fortenra’s hands. Grumpily, she agrees, stating that Fortenra will pass out during the process. Fortenra is frightened once more, but before he can second-guess this procedure, Opal touches him and he falls unconscious.

Leaving Opal to do her work, Hirun leaves for an abandoned house nicknamed The Music Store, as it has tons of CDs lying around it. Every night for the past week, a man with no ki or rez has been going there and picking up CDs unnoticed by the others in the neighborhood(because they all rely on their sixth sense, Hirun remarks). Hirun believes the man to be trouble, and watches him.

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