12 – Rebirth (Summary)

Back at Tali’s apartment, the girl wakes up to realize that Fortenra had not come back. She briefly thinks he has left her, but then convinces herself that this is impossible, since Fortenra loves her. She then thinks back to her death, how it felt to die, and what a waste her life had been. Remarking that she didn’t want to be worth nothing, she decides to burn the apartment complex down to show herself that she was ready to start over, and begin a new life- a life worth living.

After a brief fight with a man angry that Tali had killed his sister(As she had been in the complex when Tali burned it down), Tali goes on a five day trip, stealing all the things she needs for her new life- starting with a car. Throughout the day, people would kill Tali, and she would revive, naked. Every time she revived herself, the flames around her rebirth grew more intense, injuring more observers each time she rebirthed. Eventually, Tali also stole a fire resistant suit in order to come back to life clothed. As she was killed, the fear of death and pain would grow weaker, until it did not bother her to die at all.

In a few days time, Tali had to only show her face for others to do what she wanted them to. Others began to commit crimes in the name of the Phoenix. The actual Phoenix Gang, the Heartlies– Tali’s Mafia family– were taken care of and replaced with new devout followers of the new religion which worshiped The Phoenix as their lord and savior.

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