10 – Suspicion (Summary)

Five years before present day. After a day of training with a sniper rifle, Esvera says Q is progressing very quickly. As they begin to pack up, Q asks Esvera if it bothers her that she knows how she’ll die.
Esvera says no, and that she thinks dying protecting another is something that is beautiful. She then brings up that there are a lot of people with very powerful Resonance Souls who are able to control them, and that Q should be no different. When she reaches for Q’s collar(which encases the Negator that keeps Q’s Rez and ki locked away) Q freaks out and reveals that his power “switches people”.

Esvera eases up, and they go to bed. Later, she finds that Q had fallen asleep while reading “Resonant Philosophy” but had underlined a specific chapter– The Soul Stealer. She realizes Q is in fact the Soul Stealer, and attempts to kill him in his sleep “for the good of the world” but cannot due to the fact that she has developed feelings for him maternally.

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