07 – Resonant Philosophy (Summary)

Ten years before present day, Esvera Rose teaches a growing Q about Resonance Souls and how they can reveal things about people’s personalities. She uses herself as an example, stating that as a Tortoise Eye, she’s destined to die helping others.
She gives Q a book entitled “Resonant Philosophy,” which details how personalities and Rez compliment eachother.
After thumbing through the book, Q reveals he’s afraid of his Resonance Soul, and that’s why he chooses to keep it hidden away with the use of a Negator (a device that restricts the use of both Rez and Ki) in a collar around his neck.
He then asks if he’s killing himself by keeping it hidden away for so long, since Esvera seems to believe the soul, Resonance soul, and ki are irrevocably linked. Esvera admits that she doesn’t know, because no one has kept a Negator on for as long as he has, but that a Resonant is nothing to be afraid of.

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