06 – Burning Phoenix (Summary)

Sim sneaks out of his room to go to Tali’s apartment– and kill her. He kicks down the door to Tali’s place and cuts her throat with a switchblade, only to be greeted by a flurry of Fortenra’s wires. Sim is pierced through the gut by this assault, and as he bleeds to death on the floor, he watches Tali struggle with her last breaths.
While Fortenra and Sim watch, Tali bursts into flames, only to reappear in front of them in perfect health, and naked. She had revived, just like a phoenix. In the process of doing so however, Fortenra’s hands were burned.

Sim melts into the floor, and it is revealed that the real Sim was waiting in front of Tali’s apartment and had only allowed a copy of himself inside. He still had seen everything that happened, and both angry and shocked by this series of events, turns to go back home.

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