04 – Frivolty (Summary)

Tali and Sim continue to fight, for hours. They manage to destroy part of the school. Later, Sim’s “father”, Amigo appears on the scene, telling the children that they are using their powers frivolously and should know better, as it took a lot of effort for the adults to get the school open to begin with.
It begins to rain, and Amigo takes Sim, leaving Tali to walk home by herself.

At Tali’s apartment, her boyfriend Fortenra Askasa comes home. He’s older than her and works at a restaurant owned by Tali’s parents, who are mafia. As they eat the leftovers Askasa brought back from the restaurant, Tali tells Foretenra about her day at school, vocalizing how horrible she thinks Sim is. Fortenra appears uninterested in her rambling.

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