Opal Koboi

A young girl past her years, wearing all white with platinum blonde hair. Her eyes are black, and she is physically blind. However, she is mentally strong, with the ability to sense ki, souls, and Rez. She is only three feet tall, and has the ability to transfer her soul from place to place.

Truth be told, Opal is a transient being. Some would consider her an Oracle. She is normally a bloodthirtsy murderer, using her Rez to violently dehabilitate her victims. She has control over people’s blood cells and platelets. While she can use them for good, she prefers to use them for slaughter.

The woman has a scary feeling about her. Anyone within her presence would be wise to be worried.

Opal is only half of a person. Her other half used to be named Aine, a rather pathetic girl who always cried at the slightest displeasure. About one year a go, Q separated Opal’s soul from Aine’s, taking Aine’s soul into himself and allowing the body to be possessed by Opal.

Because Opal owes Q her eternal debt for this, she comes whenever Q calls her to help with problems. Whether she helps him or not is up to debate, however.

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