Roy Salamandra

Technically 20 years old, his insanity makes him appear as though he is in his teens. He loves pretending he is a mad scientist, and whenever a torture session is needed, it is usually headed by Roy. He has an unusual air about him and a very prominent child complex. He loves acting like a little kid.

He has no favorite weapon, as he likes playing with his ‘food’. But for practical purposes, if he’s sent on a mission he will usually take a katana with him. With long red hair and a longer white doctor’s coat stained with blood, this man is particularly androgynous.

With help from Mercain and Amigo, Roy is able to invent things. One of his prized inventions is the RezSuspend, a machine able to cancel out anyone’s resonance soul, rendering them unable to defend themselves by supernatural means. Eventually they plan to perfect the machine so it will take the form of something smaller that be placed on the body. Of course, Roy, being one of the big brains behind the project, seems to get sidetracked too easily. The project hasn’t gotten very far.

Roy’s Rez is the ability to regenerate limbs and body parts, as shown in Chapter 11. Currently he works on a project in a secret underground facility. In this place, Roy is able to expierement with his genius. However, he considers Amigo his father and will occasionally go into lonely child mode, since he’s trapped in the lab with his creation for days at a time.

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