The woman of no age, the woman who never sleeps, or “the zombie”. Insom seems to operate through a dead mind and considers herself of little value. She walks around in a dazed state, and appears to show no emotion. When she speaks it is monotone.

People say she’s lived ever since the first Resonance Soul was used. Some others say she is the first Resonant Soul, and that her Rez is simply the ability to never sleep. No one knows for sure what Insom is fully capable of, however, since The Zombie prefers walking away, or even simply flat-out ignoring attacks, rather than fighting back. Most people don’t consider her a threat, but if she hangs around Tali, then it’s speculated she must have some sort of purpose…

Her catch phrase is “Time goes by so fast…”

It is revealed in Chapter 10 then Insom can feel souls, and it is hinted that she can view into the future.

In Chapter 11, it’s revealed that even with fatal wounds Insom won’t bleed much or die. In this way, she is almost exactly like a zombie.

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