28 – Experiment

As the two Sims rushed at Q, the Talvian turned and grabbed the one to the left, holding him down. Q knew this one to be the copy. The Soul Stealer’s hand began to glow, and when the real Sim rushed at the kneeling Q, he was sent flying backward by an outward surge of ki. As if from a huge ripple in a pond, Sim was pushed backward to let the Soul Stealer do his work. Once Q’s hand stopped glowing, the deed was done, and the Sim copy sprung with new life, gasping for air.

“What the hell did you do?!” The original Sim screamed.

He had realized he couldn’t sacrifice his own doppelganger. It wouldn’t follow his mental commands. Q stepped back, admiring his handiwork as the shocked Sim copy went to its hands and knees in confusion, trying to figure out what god he had pissed off to end up like this. Q’s tail wagged absentmindedly while his wounds from earlier began to heal themselves. He was using the power of the Tortoise Eye.

“Atlaos,” Q smiled to the Sim copy. “Tell me, can you use your Rez?”

The real Sim came running toward Q again, to punch him, but Q threw him back once more with the same maneuver as before. The Tortoise Eye had many uses.

“What did you do to me?” The Sim copy pleaded, looking at its hands.

“Oh come on now, just tell me if you can use your Rez or not,” Q said again, apathetic.
Q had just transferred Amigo’s soul from the body in which it belonged to a doppelganger. It was an ingenious idea. Brought on by one of Shoy’s passing thoughts, actually, though Q would never admit it. He wondered how long it would last.

The Sim copy coughed up blood into its hand as it sat up. Amigo didn’t know about the Soul Stealer. He didn’t know it was staring him in the face. He didn’t know what was happening to him now, but he did know that this body wasn’t going to hold him. It felt wrong. It felt like it was crumbling beneath him. He looked over to Sim, the doppelganger’s eyes pleading. Sim didn’t know it was Amigo in this body.

“Please… if you’re going to kill me, just do it already,” the Sim copy relented in a whisper.

It got kicked in the ribs, and rolled over to its side.

“You’re useless. All you had to do was answer a yes or no question,” Q huffed.

Amigo, inside of the cloned Sim, coughed up blood once more before Q bent down and touched the doppelganger’s chest, hand weakly glowing as he took Amigo’s soul for the second and last time.
Once he was done, he looked to Sim again, a faint hint of pity in his eyes as he watched the boy pound uselessly against the ki shield the Soul Stealer had erected.

Tearing his eyes away from the kid with a hmph, the Talvian bent down to pick up his collar, then tore the switchblade from Amigo’s sorry excuse for a deathgrip. As the Sim copy finally liquefied, Q took the blade and dug away the small chip inside the collar– his negator. Once it dropped to the ground, he smashed it with his boot for good measure, relishing the crunch of electronics beneath his foot as he did so.
When he was certain the negator had been completely destroyed, he put the collar back around his neck and gave a faint smile to Sim while letting down the shield. Rather than bothering with the Talvian who was walking from the scene, Sim went straight to his father’s body.

“Amigo!” Sim shouted, shaking the man’s limp form. “Dad?” He begged. “Dad!!”

Q frowned at hearing the pathetic scene, hoping to get out of earshot before he began to regret what he had done.

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