27 – Interruption

It was late in the afternoon as Q walked down the sidewalk. There were cars coming up and down at a fair pace, but not like the rush hour it would’ve been back home. Q’s eyes were squinting in the daylight. They were sensitive to the light. He considered himself nocturnal, and the sunglasses were simply to protect his eyes from anything that wasn’t the moon.

His hands were in his jean pockets when someone walked by him, coincidentally wearing sunglasses. Q turned and swiftly kicked the back of the person’s knee, causing the person’s legs to buckle beneath them. Q swiftly grabbed the sunglasses from the stranger and put them on his own face while walking away as if nothing had happened. The glasses weren’t his style, but they would do. He was in enough pain as it was. The stranger spoke a few choice words before considering it a lost cause, walking in the opposite direction of Q.

A few minutes later, Q let out a yawn and stopped to take a break on the bench, where he overheard an argument between two men. Q’s hearing was superb, and he got most of his information by simply laying around and listening to what people around him said.

He couldn’t see who was talking, nor did he care at the moment. But he knew one of the men’s names was Sim. It seemed Sim was the younger of the two. Q closed his eyes, spread his arms and legs out over the bench and yawned again, leaning his head back as he listened to the show.

“Sim, quit following me!” The man said.
“No,” replied Sim. “You got a new order, right? I want in on it. I want to work with you!”
“I said no, Sim!”

Sim ran in front of his surrogate father, blocking his path.
“Why not? What is your obsession with not letting me kill? Everyone does it! You do it! Tali’s been fucking up the town and you won’t let me do anything–”
Amigo interrupted his son. “It’s too dangerous and I don’t want you to be a part of it! Don’t make me hurt you Sim, because I will.”

The eighteen year old stepped back. “At least tell me who it is,” he said softly, seeming to calm down.
“You know I can’t,” Amigo sighed.
“Is it Tali?!” Sim shouted.
“Sim, you know it’s classified and–”

Q had gotten up by this time and was now staring at Amigo and Sim with his arms crossed over his chest, watching them.

“Who are you?” Amigo interrupted himself, sizing Q up. Q ignored Amigo however, and instead studied Sim. He could tell…. This boy was The Doppelganger. And Amigo was Atlaos, but not as important. Q could use the Doppelganger.
“Sim, right?” He said.
“I’ll help you kill Tali.”

Sim quirked a brow and stepped back, unsure of what to do while his father stepped forward and in between them.
“Just who do you think you are?” the man growled defensively. “You don’t talk to my son like that.”

Q gave a heh. “I’ll talk to him as I please. You’re not a part of this.”

Amigo narrowed his eyes and took a small step back, his hand gripping for something in his back pocket.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Q offered, standing still.

Amigo raised his upper lip in disgust and pulled out a switchblade, flipping it open and going straight for Q’s heart, where a blood stain from the prior fork incident in the cell with Shoy was.

Q sidestepped into Amigo’s form, but it wasn’t quite fast enough as the father ducked and gave a low kick to Q’s gut, shoving the Talvian back a few steps as he tried to recover. Amigo came back with the switchblade to the back of Q’s neck. Q, still hunched over, didn’t even remember seeing the man move.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right here,” Amigo snarled.

“This,” grunted Q as he grabbed Amigo’s leg, which was to his side.
It wasn’t too firm a grip, but the touch was all Q needed to begin draining Amigo. The father became unaware of his surroundings as he was amassed in warmth. His eyes went wide and Q threw his own collar to the ground with a grunt in order to finish the process. Once Amigo’s lifeless body fell to the ground, Q placed his eyes on Sim, who was making a copy of himself in anger.
That’s just what the Soul Stealer wanted.

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