22 – Yecht and Sven


Sven and Yecht were paternal twins from the Jackal tribe. Yecht had the head of the tribe’s namesake, while his brother Sven had only the characteristic long ears and neck. Sven had a much less pronounced muzzle, as his face attempted to appear more human in nature. The both of them were covered with tan fur. When they came to the tree Q was hiding under, their long necks sloped forward in unison as their beady eyes searched within the tall, arching roots for where Q was hiding. They eventually found him and glared, Yecht smirking.

“Den Mother says we have to speak human around you now,” Yecht barked.

“Den Mother says your tongue is slow,” mocked Sven.

“My tongue is not slow!” whined Q, his brown hair covering his face.
Sven and Yecht always teased him. His mother was human and his father was a halfblood. Q was as removed as the country would allow. He came from the Saluki tribe, an ancient pack of tamed canines. As such, they had a horrible reputation of taking on human mates.

“Den Mother is never wrong!” Yecht howled. “How dare you imply so!” His head went deeper into the roots, trying to scare Q out. It only made the Saluki crawl back into them further.

“Go away!” Q pleaded.

“Den Mother says your Soul will wake up today,” Sven said from behind Q. He had snuck behind the boy while Yecht had kept Q’s attention. Q yelped in surprise, trapped between the two bodies in the huge roots of the tree.
Sven grinned.
“Den Mother says today,” Yecht sang, closing in on his prey.

“We want to know what Soul Quatre has,” Sven said, grabbing Q’s tail. Q whimpered. The tail was the most sensitive part of him.

“Yecht must know what puny Soul Quatre has,” Yecht said, licking his lips as he crept forward, his long nose soon coming to touch Q’s.

Sven pulled at Q’s tail. Q yowled with pain.
“Oh Quatre’s tail is very fragile! Quatre must tell us what his Soul is to stop pain,” Sven chuckled.

Yecht smacked his jaws together in front of Q, who was now shivering.
“Den Mother will punish you for this method of Awakening!” Q blurted out.

Yecht laughed. “Den Mother will not find out, will she?” He poked his nose to Q’s forehead and pushed him back into Sven.
At that moment, there was a bright light and all of them felt a great, welcoming warmth. A warmth that would comfort but would also betray if held onto for too long. Q felt something pass through him. He would never be able to describe how it felt amazing and terrible at the same time. Sven and Yecht pulled away from Q as quickly as they could muster, and once they were no longer touching Q, the feelings and light vanished.

Sven glared at Q. “What did you do?!” he barked, but then his eyes were overcome with confusion.
He looked past Quatre to Yecht, who was not Yecht.
Sven was Yecht.

Yecht’s body shivered for a moment before morphing into that of a traditional, ancient Jackal’s and running off to tell Den Mother about the new Resonance Soul. Yecht, however, inside Sven’s body, was angered. Because Sven looked more human he was lower in caste. This body was a prison and Sven had climbed many ranks in Yecht’s body.

“Change me back!” Sven’s body screamed.
Q’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he went limp.
Sven’s hands shook Quatre’s unconscious form.
“Change me back!!” It was desperate, echoing through the trees as Sven’s voice, although it was Yecht’s mind behind it.

“Quatre!! Den Mother!! Someone?!!” He howled.

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