21 – Possessor


Mercain grabbed the glasses and put them on the desk behind him, taking a few steps back. He didn’t want to involve himself in this.
Kingsley was a Possessor. But in order to possess, he needed direct eye contact. Just as Mercain stepped back and Shoy’s eyes caught Q’s, the Talvian shut his green orbs and shoved the butt of the gun between Shoy’s ribs. It may not have been loaded, but it could still do damage.

Shoy let go of Q’s neck, grabbed the gun from the boy’s grip and threw it across the room. When Q tried to use his knife hand again, Kingsley brought down the arm and spun around, throwing the Talvian off-balance. Right as Q was beginning to recollect himself, Kingsley got the knife in his grip and threw that to the other side of the office as well, the blade skillfully embedding itself into the far wall.

Q regained his balance and stood, quickly looked to the door Kingsley was blocking, and then went to sidekick the man. The former Monte Criston swiftly spun on his heels, avoiding the attack. When Q turned to try again with his other foot, Kingsley picked up the umbrella that had been leaning against the wall where he’d left it and stabbed Q in the back of the knee that was holding the Talvian’s weight with the point of it. The knee buckled and Q was once again on the ground. This time, Kingsley took no chances and went forward to yank on the boy’s tail. Q yowled in pain.

Kingsley set his umbrella down once more and brought his hand to Q’s throat, glaring at the eyes that were shut tight. Shoy growled.
“Open your eyes, Q,” Kingsley commanded, bringing Q up to his knees.
The Talvian bared his teeth in some feeble attempt to growl.
“I’m not going to play this game with you. Open your eyes,” he said again.

Q did nothing. Shoy slammed Q’s head against the chair. Mercain flinched, unaware Kingsley could be so violent. When Shoy brought Q’s head back up, it seemed like the Talvian was in a daze. Kingsley used the opportunity to hold an eye open, but the pupil was rolling in the back of Q’s head.

“Look at me,” Kingsley commanded. Q seemed to wearily be trying to follow Shoy’s order. It wasn’t perfect, but Shoy was able to begin slipping through the boy’s memories. The ability came and went as the Negator made it difficult to maintain the faintest of a connection. But Shoy soon discovered that the chip was in the collar, and was quick to get the needless fashion accessory off the dog, tossing it to the floor.
Once it was off, Q began to become aware of his surroundings. His ki surged. There was a large heaviness in the room. Shoy felt a warmth as Q’s eyes widened. The Talvian awoke from his daze in a horrified shock. But before anything could happen, Kingsley took advantage of the situation and took control of the Talvian’s body. As his own went limp, Q’s arms came out to catch it so it didn’t harm itself as it crumpled to the ground as dead weight.
Q stood and looked to Mercain.

“I have him now,” Q’s voice rang. But it was Kingsley that was the brain of the operation.

Mercain was still suspicious, his face laced with worry. “So is he the Soul Stealer?”

Q frowned. “Don’t be stupid. Of course he is. Did you feel that heavy ki before?”

Mercain looked uneasy. “It certainly is a strong Negator that he has. But what does his memory say? What was it like, the first time he stole a soul?”

Kingsley, in Q’s body, began to search the Talvian’s memory banks once more.

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