19 – Negated Bluff

Kingsley opened the door to what seemed like an abandoned factory. But as the man lead Q through another door, a whole new world was experienced. Inside the second door were a plethora of cubicles. Then, to the far right, a gun range inside the building. Q grated his teeth at the noise. He had sensitive hearing. All Talvians did.
Kingsley quickly led Q into an office, however, and inside, it was soundproofed. Two chairs and a desk with another chair, complete with person behind it was the setup of the room. When the office door closed, Q loosened up and looked to Mercain, the man behind the desk.

“Who is this, Kingsley?” Mercain questioned as he stood from his chair, looking to Q. Mercain had dyed his hair blue, but otherwise wore clothing very similar to Kingsley’s.

“I thought I would show you something special today,” Kingsley said. “I stumbled over this boy on the street. If you’ll notice, you can’t feel his ki.”

Mercain looked to Q as the Talvian’s face was overcome with dread. What had he gotten himself into? Dexterians weren’t supposed to know what limiters were. This was a trap of somesort. He began to walk to the door. “Excuse me…” he said.

Kingsley’s hand came out and shoved Q into the chair with a thud. “You stay there,” he commanded.
Q rubbed his shoulder in his chair as he waited. Kingsley was surprisingly strong.

“As I was saying,” Kingsley continued, “he’s wearing a type of limiter. It’s called a Negator. They only make them in Cybil. This boy is very important to us.”

Mercain quirked a brow. “Why? Because he has a connection to Cybil? Kingsley, please. Tell me you didn’t come here just for that.”
He looked back to Q, wondering what he could do with outside technology. He didn’t want to get back into the market with foreign tech just yet. This was an interesting development, sure, but Kingsley usually gave him better things. Things that he considered to be better than this.

Kingsley smirked. “There is more. He’s Talvian, so his ki is much stronger than a normal human’s. However, the main reason I brought him here is because this boy is the Soul Stealer.”
Kingsley looked to Q, who stood up out of his chair.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” the Talvian shouted. “I am not that monster!”

Mercain watched Q for a moment, then turned to Kingsley, fingering a pen in his right hand idly. “The Soul Stealer’s been missing for twenty years. Just because you found some stranger with a Negator doesn’t mean he’s it,” he said unenthusiastically, flipping the pen between his first two fingers and leaning back in his chair.

“Don’t be stupid, Mercain. This boy is in his mid-twenties. The last Phoenix died in Talvia and the Soul Stealer’s last known origin was near Talvia. This is a Talvian, obviously ejected from his tribe because of his looks and his Rez. This is not coincidence.”

“Hey!” Q shouted, insulted. Q couldn’t be the Soul Stealer. He wasn’t. And he certainly wouldn’t believe someone was trying to convince another that he was.
“I was banished because I liked human culture more than Talvian. I couldn’t even grasp the language too well. I am not the Soul Stealer!”

Mercain bit his lip, halting his pen spinning as he watched Q’s reactions. “I know you’re trustworthy Kingsley, but I am hard pressed to believe you this time.” Q seemed to believe what he was saying. Mercain considered himself a good judge of people’s emotions. Q didn’t appear to be lying.

He turned an eye to Kingsley, sitting up in his chair and pulling up to the desk, putting his pen down atop it. “If you can prove it to me…” He thought aloud, finally focusing all his attention on Kingsley, “…Possess him and show me.”

“Possess me?!” Q yelled. He looked to Kingsley in shock. “You’re a Possessor?!”
The Talvian jumped forward, unsheathing his new knife. He had to get out of this place. They were going to take his limiter off- he couldn’t allow that. And hell if he’d let himself be possessed.
He went to stab Kingsley in the gut, but the man easily sidestepped into Q’s form and grabbed the Talvian’s wrist, raising it high above his head. Kingsley then used his free hand to grasp Q’s neck.

Q could still breathe, but barely. Luckily, his collar protected him somewhat, although the buckle was digging into his skin rather uncomfortably from the pressure of Kingsley’s grip.

“Listen,” the Talvian wheezed. “If I really am the Soul Stealer, do you really want the Seekers to come here?”
Seekers were trained to seek out a specific person’s ki signature. Different Resonance Souls felt differently. Almost always, there was a permanent hit out on two Resonants: The Soul Seeker and the Phoenix. If Q was the Soul Stealer, when his negator was taken off, the place would be crawling with Seekers within days or even hours.

“Don’t be stupid,” Kingsley spat. “Nobody cares about Dexterity. If they did, the Monte Cristons would’ve come to kill the Phoenix long a go.”

Q coughed. He would’ve laughed at the irony if this had been a different situation.
“What if they want Dexterity to be destroyed by her?” He rasped.

“Of course they want that. The Monte Cristons are bigots. But that’s why we have you, isn’t it?” Kingsley sneered. “Now where’s your Negator? In your clothes? Those sunglasses of yours?”
All limiters were essentially just microchips. They could be hidden anywhere.
But rather than reply, Q took his free hand and unholstered the gun he’d just bought, putting the muzzle to Kingsley’s stomach.

The other man narrowed his blue eyes.
“Mercain, get this kid’s glasses off.”

Q pulled back the hammer on the gun as Mercain came from around the desk. “Are you sure?” he questioned, eying the danger.

“It’s a bluff,” Kingsley growled. “There’s no way he loaded this before he bought it.”
Q’s grip tightened in fear as Mercain came closer toward him, reaching for the sunglasses.

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